Black Widow And Hawkeye Teaming Up, DC Compact Comics Coming, Green Lantern/Green Arrow Hard Traveling Heroes Getting Collected | Comic Book Club News For November 3, 2023

Comic Book Club News November 2 2023 compact comics green lantern green arrow black widow hawkeye

Black Widow and Hawkeye are teaming up for a new book. DC releasing Compact Comics. And they’re also releasing all of Green Lantern/Green Arrow: Hard Traveling Heroes as an Omnibus. All on Comic Book Club News for November 3, 2023.


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Episode Transcript:

Black Widow and Hawkeye teaming up for new book.

DC releasing Compact Comics.

Hard Traveling Heroes gets collected.

This is Comic Book Club News for November 3, 2023.

Black Widow And Hawkeye Teaming Up For 60th Anniversary Series:

Great news: Black Widow and Hawkeye are teaming up for a new Marvel comic book! Black Widow will be handling writing duties, while Hawkeye… I’m kidding. The new limited series will actually be written by Stephanie Phillips, with art by Paolo Villanelli.

And not only that, the appropriately named Black Widow & Hawkeye will be celebrating the 60th anniversary of both characters.

Said Phillips via press release: “I love getting the chance to dig deep with Natasha Romanov and Clint Barton to tell a fast-paced spy story that celebrates their 60th anniversary. Nothing is as it seems, and I’m having a ton of fun writing these characters. Not to mention they both look great for 60.” 

One of them also looks decidedly different. As detailed in recent issues of Venom, Black Widow is now in possession of a symbiote, something she’ll use to help Hawkeye when he’s accused of a rogue assassination attempt. Naturally for these sorts of things, their present mystery connects to their past.

The new four issue miniseries hits comic book stores on March 13, featuring letters by The Hulk, and inks by again, just kidding.

DC Compact Comics Line Coming Next Year:

As previously reported by Comic Book Club, DC Publishing is releasing a new line of graphic novels and trade collections in 2024 called DC Compact Comics. Measuring a little larger than a Manga volume, these softcover books will be value-priced at $9.99, and feature some of the most lauded DC stories of all time.

Said Anne DePies, SVP & General Manager, DC via a press release: “The DC Compact Comics price and sizing is perfect for readers of prose and manga looking to pick up a new-reader-friendly storyline in a self-contained full color graphic novel. This 5.5″ x 8.5″ paper cut is the most widely circulated softcover book size in the US and is popular among graphic novel aficionados in international markets… For readers, DC Compact Comics deliver a new graphic novel reading experience that fits in the palm of their hands, with no loss of readability.”

The initial line-up of launch titles for June include Watchmen, All-Star Superman, Batman: Hush, and the Hugo-award winning Far Sector, among many others. The main question online so far is whether the lettering will be squished to accomodate the new printing. On that, we’ll have to… What does that say? I can’t read that. Oh. Wait and see.

Green Lantern/Green Arrow: Hard Traveling Heroes Getting Collected:

To round things out, here’s another classic pair of characters teaming up, in a collection from DC Comics. It’s all coming together! See? For the first time ever, DC is releasing the entirety of the Green Lantern/Green Arrow: Hard Traveling Heroes storyline, as an Omnibus.

Basically the opposite of a Compact Comic, the hardcover volume will run 1,336 pages, and cost $125. Written by Dennis O’Neil with art by Neal Adams, the classic storyline found the pair of green heroes hitting the road and exploring issues in ground-level America… Versus the usual, space-faring adventures they’ve gone on in Justice League and other books.

As reported by ICv2, the new omnibus will stretch over eight different titles, and include 24 stories that have never been collected before — as well as several that have never before been printed in color. The omnibus will hit stores on May 21, 2024, and is perfect for swatting at people trying to snap up all the Compact Comics.

For Comic Book Club News, I’m Alex Zalben. And a big thank you to our producer, Captain America.

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