Wonder Woman #2 Review: Amazon Attacks

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It’s Wonder Woman versus the US army in a no-holds-barred fight to the finish in DC Comics Wonder Woman #2, from Tom King and Daniel Sampere. Plus a bonus story by Josie Campbell and Vasco Georgiev.

We reviewed the book on the Stack podcast. But in the interest of highlighting more about the title, here’s a summary of the conversation with our thoughts. And if you prefer the longer audio version, that’s below as well!

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Wonder Woman #2 (2023) Review:

In this new issue, Amazons have been banned from the United States after a vicious series of murders in a Middle America bar. Wonder Woman isn’t taking it lying down, though, and despite warnings from Steve Trevor takes on the entire US Army by herself. Meanwhile, in the past, we’re discovering Diana’s ties to the supposed perpetrator. Plus, a backup story sets up the Amazons Attack spinoff (so read this issue first).

Not about the interior of the issue, but host Pete LePage lauded the “bad-ass cover” of the book, and loved the close-up of Diana and her bracelets. On the inside of the book, LePage thought cutting between the two timelines was “unique.” And more superficially, “I’m always a sucker when you’re throwing tanks around like little toys. Gotta love that. Never get tired of that.”

Alex Zalben called out the end of the issue as a little underwhelming when it’s revealed that — spoiler past this point — Young Diana has been fighting the Amazon who caused the attack in issue one. “That didn’t feel like a big revelation to me, to be honest,” Zalben said. “I felt like I was supposed to be like this ‘oh s**t’ moment… But I kind of assume all the Amazons know each other anyway.”

That said, he did think it was a “Beautifully drawn issue,” and liked the danger the Amazons are put in… Though he did want “a bigger move here” in issue two.

“Tom King is a very calculated writer,” Zalben continued. “You could feel him pacing through things very specifically.” And though he liked both the epic fight with the US Army and the focus on Wonder Woman’s relationship with Steve Trevor, “this feels like the sort of thing you would read in the middle of a Wonder Woman: A Celebration of 80 Years collection, versus Wonder Woman, where I want to get to this very dangerous plot and push the plot forward.”

Justin Tyler agreed calling the story “a harder nut to crack, the idea of Wonder Woman versus America… What does that mean for the DC Universe, for a larger understanding of militarism in our world and in our culture? [There are] some big themes here, and it’s hard to tell exactly what the take is.”

Still, Tyler felt “there’s some edge here,” and even with the criticisms, is looking forward to more.

Wonder Woman #2 (2023) Official Synopsis:

AN ARMY OF ONE! Now a wanted fugitive, Wonder Woman readies herself for battle against Commander Steel and his soldiers, her former love Steve Trevor being one of them! What could this face-off mean for her position in the world of heroes? Will it further her quest for the truth about the rogue Amazon or end in bloodshed? Find out as this demigoddess takes on an entire army! Plus, the prelude to Amazons Attack!

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