Captain Marvel #1 Review: Did You Know There’s A Movie Coming Out?

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Carol Danvers is back in a brand new Captain Marvel #1, written by Alyssa Wong, and art by Jan Bazaldua. And she’s got a whole new supporting cast with her helping (sort of) tee up the new movie The Marvels.

We reviewed the book on the Stack podcast. But in the interest of highlighting more about the title, here’s a summary of the conversation with our thoughts. And if you prefer the longer audio version, that’s below as well!

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Captain Marvel #1 (2023) Review:

In Captain Marvel #1, Carol is leading the Avengers and protecting Earth… Until a new, superpowered thief accidentally binds her to the classic Nega-bands. Now one of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes has to figure out how to team up with one of the planet’s sneakiest, greenest thieves.

Though the Nega-bands switch does come from the original, pre-Carol Danvers status quo of the character, host Justin Tyler aptly pointed out this is also how the character is being treated in the upcoming The Marvels.

Added Pete LePage, “If you like what’s happening in the comic? Maybe you’ll like what’s happening in the movie.”

Tyler agreed, adding that “they actually do a great job” of setting up the body-switching, and lauded having a comic that includes the conceit on the stands, in time for the new film. That said, at least in the first issue other characters from the movie — Ms. Marvel and Monica Rambeau — don’t appear. But Tyler pointed out that given both character’s status quo, “it doesn’t make sense to use them, [so] they bring in this new character. It’s very fun.”

Alex Zalben also agreed, in a rare triple agreement. “This is a very fun introduction,” Zalben said. Zalben felt the way the book was sold was a bit of a feint… The blurb doesn’t tease the body-switching at all. In fact, he was “kind of reticent” about the idea that it would be Captain Marvel fighting aliens on Earth. Instead, “what I want from a number one is a clear concept.” And in this issue, “Right out of the gate, we get a new character who is instantly enjoyable to watch and the opposite from Captain Marvel. I really enjoyed this book.”

Finishing up, the trio lauded the art style. “The art is a nice combination of your classic comic book art and something that feels a little bit more like manga influence,” Tyler said.

Noted LePage, “the art style is really sharp and cool looking. It’s got kind of a young feel to it.”

Captain Marvel #1 Official Synopsis:

HIGHEST, FURTHEST, FASTEST! The Captain gets a permanent glow-up designed by superstar artist Jen Bartel! And that’s not all that’s changed. Brand-new look – brand-new creative team – and a brand-new status quo. Carol Danvers is one of the powerhouses of the Marvel Universe, a woman capable of harnessing the energy of the sun. So if you’re coming for Earth? She’s the first one you take off the board. Someone’s figured just how to do just that. Introducing a new supporting cast and villains both beloved and dangerously fresh, Alyssa Wong and Jan Bazaldua’s exhilarating series kicks off here!

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