Alan Scott: The Green Lantern #1 Review: A Powerful Historical Superhero Romance

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The original Green Lantern is back in action in Alan Scott: The Green Lantern #1 from DC Comics! Written by Tim Sheridan with art by Cian Tormey, the book mixes discussions of Scott’s sexuality with classic superheroics.

We reviewed the book on the Stack podcast. But in the interest of highlighting more about the title, here’s a summary of the conversation with our thoughts. And if you prefer the longer audio version, that’s below as well!

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Alan Scott: The Green Lantern #1 Review:

In this new series, the original Green Lantern is finally an out and proud gay man. But back in the day, when he was in the army… He was not. This title mixes together his backstory with a ghost from his past to tell a new tale of the keeper of the green flame.

Kicking things off, host Alex Zalben praised DC for their approach to the book. ” I thought they treated this really well,” Zalben said. “I’m always very trepidatious about issue-driven comics like this because back in the day they were treated so badly. But here, they do it with the right level of nuance and it is very consistent with how well DC has pushed LGBTQ+ characters throughout the past couple of years. It’s very laudable what they’re doing, and I really appreciate it.”

Justin Tyler agreed and added that when you put characters in the past, as they do here with Alan Scott, “the worry level goes up… Setting this in the past when the issues like being closeted were a much scarier thing.” That said, he felt they, “really nailed it here. I really loved the love story of this, and then the way that they wove that into the superhero side,” of the tale.

Pete LePage appreciated what he called the “old-timey feel” of the art, and called the story “a heartbreaking tale… The tension is really there.” Justin Tyler added that there is a great “revelation moment that Alan Scott has… Such a pointed, heartbreaking single panel.”

And just to make sure readers know the book isn’t all sad, Zalben said “There’s exciting, fun action in this book. I don’t want [anyone] to think that it’s just issue-driven, serious, emotional, gay issues; which it is, but at the same time, Alan Scott… hangs on the side of a boat and scales up it. It’s very cool action sequence, really well staged by Cian Tormey. And overall, there’s also a good superhero mystery going on at the same time. It’s balancing a lot of stuff, and it all comes together in a very nice way. So if you’re a fan of Alan Scott, if you’re a fan of the JSA characters, this is one to check out.”

Alan Scott: The Green Lantern #1 Official Synopsis:

A POWERFUL TALE OF ALAN SCOTT’S EARLY DAYS AS GREEN LANTERN! Alan Scott’s early days as the Green Lantern are seen in a new light! The Green Lantern is the most powerful member of the JSA, beloved by all of America, but his personal life is a well-kept secret. This is a story about love, about fear, and most of all about courage to stand up to that fear. Alan Scott’s past is the key to his future when the Red Lantern appears, ready to strike down the mighty Green Lantern!

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