Wolverine #38 Review: A Good Old-Fashioned Team-Up

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Wolverine is doing a world tour through Fall of X. And in Wolverine #38, he’s teaming up with Captain America, from writer Benjamin Percy and artist Juan José Ryp.

We reviewed the book on the Stack podcast. But in the interest of highlighting more about the title, here’s a summary of the conversation with our thoughts. And if you prefer the longer audio version, that’s below as well!

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Wolverine #38 (2020) Review:

Wolverine is more fully entering the world of Fall of X in this issue, as he teams up with Captain America to take back some stolen goods from Krakoa after the disastrous Hellfire Gala.

Host Pete LePage called it a “good old-fashioned team-up.” He added that he loved the focus on the two characters, as well as the “easter eggs [from] throughout their history… It’s very rewarding.”

Alex Zalben expressed some disappointment in the previous issue, which teamed up Wolverine and Hulk. “There was a lot of fun stuff in it, but it was hitting so many different areas of Wolverine [history], and felt like whiplash while you’re reading.” This issue, meanwhile, had “one very concrete adventure for Captain America and Wolverine teaming up, with a very specific mission.”

He also enjoyed the “Indiana Jones-esque ending” with Nick Fury hiding the stolen artifacts where nobody can find them. He also shouted out “The way that Benjamin Percy writes the rapport between Cap and Wolverine was so smart, and delineates the differences between them.”

Of particular note was a full-page splash by Juan José Ryp that showed Captain America fighting on the deck of a boat while Wolverine slices his way through the cross-section to the bottom. “That is so cool,” Zalben said. “I want to frame that and put it on my wall.”

Wolverine #38 (2020) Official Synopsis:

REUNITED – CAPTAIN AMERICA AND WOLVERINE! You know those old friends, the ones that go way, way back who you can always rely on? That’s STEVE ROGERS to LOGAN, whose friendship goes back to WORLD WAR II! It only stands to reason that as WOLVERINE faces the fallout from FALL OF X, that CAPTAIN AMERICA has his six! But as ORCHIS rises and LEGACY HOUSE takes advantage of the situation, who will fall? LAST MUTANT STANDING continues!

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