Yo, Joe! Get Your First Look At Cobra Commander And Duke Miniseries

cobra commander #1 header preview

The Energon Universe is expanding faster than you can say “Yo, Joe!” Skybound has shared the first look at two upcoming miniseries set in the same continuity as Void Rivals and Transformers: Cobra Commander #1, and Duke #1.

Kicked off in Robert Kirkman’s Void Rivals, and continued into Daniel Warren Johnson’s Transformers, thus far Skybound and Hasbro haven’t revealed how G.I. Joe plays into [gestures] this whole thing. Until now. Both upcoming miniseries are written by Joshua Williamson, with Duke featuring art by Tom Reilly, and Cobra Commander featuring art by Andrea Milana.

Duke, which debuts on December 27, 2023, will introduce Conrad S. Hauser, codename Duke. The five-issue-long miniseries will show the origins of G.I. Joe as Duke deals with a world realizing Autobots and Decepticons exist. Cobra Commander will follow the next month on January 17, 2024, and do the same — but for Cobra.

Here’s Skybound’s official synopsis for Cobra Commander: “The rise of Cobra begins HERE. In a world where Cobra doesn’t exist, one man’s sinister plans to utilize the mysterious alien substance known as Energon will send shockwaves across the globe. Who is Cobra Commander? Where does he come from? And what horrors is he planning to unleash that will rock the world – and maybe the universe – to its core?”

Cobra Commander will also run five issues. Both titles will be followed by two more miniseries, which are currently TBA. And of note, when we interviewed Daniel Warren Johnson about Transformers, we asked for connections between his book and Duke. He didn’t give us much but shook his shoulders in a knowing way. Will Spike’s father from Transformers show up in either of these titles?

Check out the full previews below, and stay tuned afterward for a very special message about not using drugs or something.

Cobra Commander #1 Preview:

Get a look at the cover, and four lettered pages for Cobra Commander #1:

Duke #1 Preview:

Get a look at three covers, and three lettered pages for Duke #1:

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