Charles Soule’s Secret Comics, Rob Liefeld’s Infamous Cap Drawing Up For Auction, Oni Press Hires Seven | Comic Book Club News For October 9, 2023

comic book club news october 9 2023 charles soule's eight billion genies rob liefeld's captain america oni press hires

Charles Soule is releasing surprise issues of Eight Billion Genies and Shrouded College at New York Comic Con. Rob Liefeld‘s infamous Captain America boob pic is up for auction. Oni Press makes some big hires. All this on Comic Book Club News for October 9, 2023.


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Episode Transcript:

Soule sells surprise stories.

Liefeld’s infamous Cap pic auctioned.

Oni Press hires seven.

This is Comic Book Club News for October 9, 2023.

Charles Soule Releasing Eight Billion Genies, Shrouded College Surprise Issues:

They say you gotta have Soule, and that’s never been more true than this year’s New York Comic Con. As reported by SKTCHD, Soule will be releasing a full-length, surprise issue of Image Comics’ Eight Billion Genies at the convention. Titled Eight Billion Genies: Wishworld #1, the new issue will of course feature art by Ryan Browne, as well as bringing the full creative team back together.

On X, the platform formerly known as Twitter, Soule explained that Wishworld, “is a new tale set in the 8BG universe, exploring the wishes of new characters, set in good old NYC. Was so fun to get back to this world!”

But wait, that’s not all! Soule has a second secret bonus issue releasing at New York Comic Con. This one is set in the Shrouded College universe, which kicked off with the miniseries Hell to Pay. Said Soule: “THE SHROUDED COLLEGE – NEWTON is a full-length one-shot telling the story of the origins of the Shrouded College. Very spooky, perfect for Halloween, and a great companion to the HELL TO PAY trade out next week!”

The Shrouded College comic will feature art by Will Sliney, and based on photos posted by Soule seems to be limited to 500 copies. The good news is that both comics will also be available for order on Soule’s webstore, starting this Thursday, if you can’t make the convention. Perhaps the real soul you gotta have is strong soles on your shoes. So you can run fast enough to get these comics, I am saying.

Rob Liefeld’s Infamous Captain America Heroes Reborn Pic Up For Auction:

Rob Liefeld’s boobs are for sale! Or, more specifically, Liefeld’s infamous drawing of Captain America for the Heroes Reborn storyline, known as the Captain America boob pic, is up for auction.

As reported by Bleeding Cool, Heritage Auctions will put Liefeld’s pencils under the auctioneer’s gavel at the end of the month. Signed by Liefeld, and considered in Excellent condition, the drawing features Captain America somehow standing with his side to the reader, and also with his whole chest facing forward. The promotional image was for 1996’s Captain America #1, part of a storyline that rebooted the Marvel Universe, with bold, new takes like their bodies not being structured in a way where their internal organs would function properly.

Here’s Heritage Auctions’ take on the image. “This is it… the most infamous comic illustration ever created! Love him or hate him, Rob Liefeld has made a name for himself in the comics industry as a superstar artist and creator throughout his 35 years in comics. His art style has been the focus of debate for fans over the years, with this promotional illustration of Captain America created for the Heroes Reborn event, which marked his return to Marvel after leaving the comic’s giant to form Image Comics, the main subject of people’s love/ire. The piece has spawned countless memes and populates any Google search involving “‘Liefeld’ or ‘Captain America’. It is unlikely that any other piece in comics history has been more talked about or gotten more attention, especially since the age of the internet!”

Other pieces in the auction include a number of pencils from Jim Lee, including the one from Justice League #12 of Superman kissing Wonder Woman. And even a few X-Men covers from John Romita Jr.

The auction begins on approximately October 27.

Oni Press Makes Big Hires:

Oni Press is continuing to make some big moves this year. And now, via a press release, the publisher has announced seven new hires and ten promotions.

While the promotions are nice because hooray for all of them, the new hires are more interesting. They include Karl Bollers, who has edited top-tier titles at both Marvel and Valiant, as well as nabbing an Eisner nomination for his own series, Watson & Holmes. Chris Robinson, who edited Black Panther, Moon Girl, and much more at Marvel. And Winston Gambro, who created the recently released Haunted House: A Love Story. Bollers will join as an editor, Robinson as a Consulting Editor, and Gambro as Graphic Designer.

But one other thing that connects them? They’ve all previously been guests on Comic Book Club’s live podcast. That’s right: guesting on our podcast is a direct line to getting hired at Oni Press. It’s confirmed, and that’s a breaking news scoop.

Other hires include Megan Brown as Editor, Andy McElliott as Operations Manager, Matt Harding as Pre-Press Technician, and Kaia Rokke as Marketing and Communications Coordinator. They haven’t guested on our podcast, so they probably got hired in error or something, we’ll look into it.

 For Comic Book Club News, I’m Alex Zalben. And winning the auction for that Captain America drawing will be no small feat. I’ll let you think about that one for a second.

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