Dark Spaces: Dungeon #1 Advance Review

dark spaces dungeon #1 advance review

Scott Snyder and Hayden Sherman bring another dark tale to their IDW Originals line with Dark Spaces: Dungeon #1. The book hits stores on October 11. But should it be locked away, or whatever the opposite of that is when filtered through dungeon jokes?

We reviewed the book on this week’s Stack podcast. But in the interest of highlighting more about the title, here’s a summary of the conversation with our thoughts. And if you prefer the longer audio version, that’s below as well!

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Dark Spaces: Dungeon #1 Advance Review:

On the story, which finds a secret dungeon buried in the woods in an otherwise quiet, rural town, the hosts all agree that the book is “terrifying.” Host Alex Zalben lauded Snyder and Sherman for once again “leaning into horror… Another great series from this team.”

Justin Tyler (semi)-joked that Snyder, who built himself a writing shack in the woods in real life, was basing this book on that. “Some of the parenting stuff, especially at the beginning of the book feels like it’s ripped from his life,” Tyler said. “This feels like it’s [Snyder] sitting in his tiny writer shack, imagining horrible things happening in the woods that surround him… Just straight up horrifying s**t.”

Pete LePage seemed straight up shaken by the book, calling it a “worst-case scenario where you’re finding out you’re living in a place [where] people are getting horribly tortured.” That said, he’s still willing to give issue two a shot. LePage added, “Scott Snyder weaves a very interesting web and I’ll be excited to check out more.”

Dark Spaces: Dungeon #1 Official Synopsis:

Scott Snyder and Hayden Sherman reunite for the next installment in the critically acclaimed Dark Spaces anthology series.

A family moves from the rustle and bustle of the Big Apple to upstate New York. However, their father’s dream of a quiet rural life are shattered when he discovers a DUNGEON underneath their land filled with torture devices, weapons, and a threatening message on the wall that reads, “TELL NO ONE.”

Paranoia sets in rapidly as the father realizes anyone in his new hometown could be the dungeon master. Whom can he trust? And how will he keep this secret from his family while keeping them SAFE?

From the creative team behind the acclaimed Dark Spaces: Wildfire comes another dark tale of intrigue and the bad things people do.

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