Guardians Of The Galaxy Killed By Marvel? Plus Goats Flying Press Debuts, And Joe Matt Dies | Comic Book Club News For September 20, 2023

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Did Marvel kill off the Guardians of the Galaxy? Joe Matt, a veteran cartoonist, has died at age 60. And Sebastian Girner is launching a new comic book publisher, Goats Flying Press. All on Comic Book Club News for September 20, 2023.


Episode Transcript:

Marvel kills the Guardians of the Galaxy?

New comics publisher launches.

Joe Matt dies.

This is Comic Book Club News for September 20, 2023.

Did Marvel Kill Off The Guardians Of The Galaxy?

In a surprising move, it certainly seems like Marvel has killed off the entire Guardians of the Galaxy team in today’s issue… Or have they? Spoilers for Guardians of the Galaxy #6 past this point.

In the issue, readers finally discover the source of Grootfall, a massive, firey Groot head that has been destroying seemingly random planets in the universe. The cause? The first of Groot’s species seemingly turned him into a weapon after their planet was wrecked, and species killed off. Last issue, the Guardians all looked to die while throwing one final attack on Groot. And in this issue, they all apologize for their role in the tragedy, hold hands, and at least their consciousnesses believe they are dead.

The next issue’s cover even shows their tombstones, with Young Avengers characters Wiccan and Hulkling stepping up as the new Guardians. So that’s it for Star-Lord, Gamora, Rocket, Mantis, Nebula and Drax, right?

Wrong! Probably. As we’ve seen in recent months, Marvel likes to pull the death stunt, only to immediately reverse it. Ms. Marvel was killed off in Amazing Spider-Man, only to return three months later. And Moon Knight is getting killed off in his own title, and coming back the next month. In this case, the original Guardians team is on the cover of issue #8, so chances are whatever happened to them inside Grootfall is not dying. Or if they did die, they’ll probably be fine soon, because, comics.

Sebastian Girner Launches New Comics Publisher:

Sebastian Girner, the veteran publisher and comic book creator who has helped shepherd properties like Deadly Class, Southern Bastards, and more is launching his own comic book publisher.

Goats Flying Press is described as both an outlet for Girner’s own work and as a portal for creator-owned work from other creators, as well. In fact, the first project from the new shingle will be, “a bitterblack fantasy/horror series in collaboration with artist Kelly Williams (The Dark, Eerie) will be unveiled in the coming weeks and launched via Kickstarter over the month of October.”

While Girner launches this new platform, he’ll continue in his current role as the Editor-in-Chief of TKO Studios.

Joe Matt Dies:

Joe Matt, the veteran cartoonist known best for Drawn & Quarterly’s Peepshow, has died at age 60. He was reportedly found dead at his drawing board, potentially of a fatal heart attack.

The news was first reported by Grendel creator Matt Wagner, who had worked with Matt on several projects. Writing of Peepshow, Wagner said, “Anyone who knew Joe knew that, yes, he was often as frustratingly stubborn and neurotic as he portrayed himself in those pages…but he was also charming, funny, insightful and loyal to the few friends he deemed worth the effort. I’ll dearly miss my old buddy and his unique outlook on the world…and how we began every phone call babbling in Donald Duck talk at each other. So long, broheim…the world’s just a bit more boring without you.”

If you’re looking to check out Matt’s work, it’s all out of print, though available used from booksellers like Amazon.

For Comic Book Club News, I’m Alex Zalben. And a new comic book publisher? I’ll believe that when goats fly oh I get it.

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