Michael Myers Heads To Riverdale, Power Pack Returns, Adventureman Also Returns | Comic Book Club News For September 15, 2023

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Power Pack is back on the attack in a new miniseries from the original creative team. Adventureman also returns from Image Comics. And Michael Myers is coming to Archie Comics. All this on today’s Comic Book Club News for September 15, 2023.


Episode Transcript:

Power Pack back on the attack!

Adventureman returns.

Michael Myers is heading to Riverdale.

This is Comic Book Club News for September 15, 2023.

Power Pack Returns With Original Creative Team:

Power Pack is back on the attack with their original creative team. In honor of the Marvel superheroes’ 40th anniversary, co-creators Louise Simonson and June Brigman will return for a new five-issue-long miniseries titled Power Pack: Into The Storm. Not only that, Alex, Katie, Jack, and Julie are bringing Franklin Richards along for the nostalgic series.

Said Simonson via press release: “It’s funny how easy it is to slip back into Power Pack! This story explores the looming question: Should Power Pack tell their parents about their powers? I loved hinting at Franklin’s nascent abilities, one blocked by his parents, but too powerful for even them to contain completely. Loved introducing a couple of Snark princesses–good and tragic– and delving a bit deeper into Snark culture. And I loved writing Alex, Julie, Jack, and Katie one more time. The X-Man Storm, who shares this adventure, also added to the fun. And, of course, June Brigman’s art is evocative and lovely.”

Added Brigman: “I always love playing with the kids. I hope everyone enjoys reading this great story as much as I loved drawing it!”

This is just one of many throwback series the publisher has been releasing over the past few years, reuniting creators with some of their most famous creations. The first issue of this miniseries will be released on January 24.

Adventureman Returns:

Speaking of nostalgia, Matt Fraction and Terry and Rachel Dodson’s throwback series Adventureman is also returning from Image Comics. The new two-issue series is titled Adventureman: Ghost Lights, and finds the titular hero fighting literal ghosts from the past.

Said Fraction: “Working on this rip-roaring pulp epic of high adventure is the most fun I’ve ever had writing a comic, and I can’t wait for everyone to see what Terry, Rachel, and I have been cooking up next for Adventureman!”

Originally released over the course of two collected volumes in 2020 and 2022, Adventureman focuses on a woman who gains the responsibilities of the titular character, her son who loves the Adventureman books, and her extended, very talented family. The new series will hit stores starting December 20.

Michael Myers Is Heading To Riverdale:

Michael Myers is heading to Riverdale. While we won’t see a full-blown crossover like in Archie vs. Predator, The Shade will be featured in a series of art prints to be released at the H45 Convention in Pasadena.

Drawn by artist Michael Talbot, the first print features the man from Halloween stalking Betty, Veronica and Sabrina on an otherwise beautiful street in Riverdale. The second is an homage to the cover of Sabrina The Teenage Witch #1, with Michael standing outside Sabrina’s window.

Said Talbot: “Every so often, if you’re really fortunate, a dream project comes along—and this was one of those times. The Archie gang meeting up with Michael Myers? When I was asked if I was up for drawing what that might look like, I couldn’t say ‘yes’ fast enough.”

H45 is a convention celebrating the forty-fifth anniversary of the classic horror flick Halloween. Here’s hoping these prints sell out, and Michael gets to come to Riverdale for real in an upcoming comic.

For Comic Book Club News, I’m Alex Zalben. And I’m still holding out hope for Archie Meets The Leprechaun.

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