Comic Book Club Returns With Juan Espinosa

Comic Book Club - Juan Espinosa

Tonight (Tuesday, October 30) at 8pm we’re live at The PIT Loft in New York with guest Juan Espinosa (“Adventures of a System Admin”).

Here’s some more info on our guest:

“My name is Juan Espinosa the creator/writer of Adventures of a System Admin the series. Currently two issues are out and available at some local stores in NYC such as Anyone Comics, Carmines Street Comic, St. Mark Comic and Collector Cave to mention a few. Also available at Comixology, Amazon Kindle and iBook store digitally. Physically is also sold at which is my website. The third issue is coming early next year and the art is done by a group that goes by Hackerstrip. We can be found in twitter and instagram as @gordidon @adventuresofasysadmin and @hackerstrip.”

Prizes! Free comic books! You know it!

When: 8pm, Tuesday, October 30
Where: The PIT Loft (154 W. 29th Street, 2nd Fl.)

Sponsored by Midtown Comics!

Comic Book Club
Comic Book Club
Comic Book Club

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