Explore Draculagate Live Tonight, With Guests Chris Hastings And Branson Reese


Tonight (Tuesday, October 9) at 8pm we’re live at The PIT Loft in New York with guests Chris Hastings and Branson Reese! They’ve got a new Kickstarter comic that… Well, we’ll let them describe it:

“DRACULAGATE is an all new graphic novel by Branson Reese (SWAN BOY, WE BARE BEARS) AND Christopher Hastings (DR. MCNINJA, GWENPOOL). It’s about a bumbling team of U.S. diplomats opening up international relations with Transylvania, sovereign nation of monsters and undead. It’s like HBO’s VEEP, but with skeletons and ghosts and stuff.”

Prizes! Free comic books! You know it!

When: 8pm, Tuesday, October 9
Where: The PIT Loft (154 W. 29th Street, 2nd Fl.)

Sponsored by Midtown Comics!

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