Venom Trailer #2: Does Venom Eat People?

Venom trailer #2: Does Venom Eat People?

The new trailer for Sony Pictures and Marvel’s Venom that dropped today was big on reveals. You got your first look at Donna Diego, a.k.a. the symbiote known as Scream. You got a look at Riot as well, played (probably) by Riz Ahmed. But more importantly, you got to see Venom (Tom Hardy) do what he does best. Which begs the question: does Venom eat people?

According to the trailer for the new movie, yes. Certainly that’s the implication in the final scene, as Venom approaches a thug, tells him what parts of him he’s going to eat, and then, uh… Well, watch the Venom trailer #2 for yourself:

Venom Trailer #2:

A little bit of bone crunching, and the thug is gone. Maybe it’s a creative cut and the guy will run for it in the actual movie. But here (and earlier in the trailer) it certainly seems like Venom eats people.

And guess what? In the comics the movie is based on, he eats people, as well! One of the symbiote’s frequent refrains is a threat to eat peoples’ brains. And he talks about how much he likes eating brains, and how delicious brains are.

The weird thing when you think about it is where the brains (and other body parts) go, since essentially Venom is a sentient suit. Eddie Brock is the guy inside, the one with an actual stomach and digestive system. So Venom uses that long tongue, slurps up a dude, and then… What, sticks that dude in Eddie’s mouth? And Eddie is like, “Cool, I’m eating a dude!” I guess?

The fact of the matter is, it doesn’t matter too much since we’re talking about an oozing mass of flesh that heals any wound, fights and swings from buildings, and can also talk. So ultimately the idea that Venom eats people isn’t too far of a stretch.

The issue is that Eddie seems fine with it, and we’re supposed to root for a cannibal. We really are in the golden age of cinema!

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