Who Plays The Devil On Preacher? (Re)Meet Jason Douglas

who plays the devil on Preacher

If you watched last night’s new episode of AMC’s Preacher, “The Tombs,” you might be wondering: who plays the devil on Preacher? Well, the good news is that not only do we know the Preacher cast’s new Satan, you probably do, too — and didn’t even realize it. That’s because the prince of Hell is played by Jason Douglas!

Wait, who?

Before we get there, a little recap for those of you who didn’t watch the episode. The Saint of Killers (Graham McTavish) has been languishing in Hell since the end of last season. After suffering semi-eternal torture, he’s called to an audience with Satan himself, as well as the Angel of Death.  Satan makes a deal with the Saint: he’ll free him, but first he needs to pay penance.

So the Angel of Death whips the Saint’s back until he is literally cut to the bone, his rib-cage visible through the back of his coat. Then Satan reveals the second part of the deal: the Saint must bring two people back to Hell. And to do that, he can’t use his guns.

We do learn that one of the people he’s sent to snag is not Jesse Custer (Dominic Cooper). Presumably, the two are Hitler (Noah Tayler) and Eugene (Ian Colletti); but we’ll have to wait and see.

Anyway, back to Hot Satan.

He’s played by Jason Douglas in a ton of prosthetics. But who is Jason Douglas? Well, you probably know him best as Tobin from The Walking Dead. Yep, the gentle, kind Tobin, sometimes romantic partner of Carol (Melissa McBride). He’s also done a ton of anime voices, and had a recurring role on Nashville. But when it comes to Preacher, the nicest guy in Alexandria is the worst guy in the literal universe.

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