How Did Cloak And Dagger Get Their Powers? It Depends Who You Ask

How did Cloak and dagger get their powers?

How about that Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger premiere on Freeform, huh? Pretty cool, right? We’re so excited we launched a whole Cloak & Dagger podcast… But if you saw the show, or missed it, or just read the comics, or happened to end up on this article by mistake, you might have one simple question. How did Cloak and Dagger get their powers?

First, we should clarify that as of the end of episode 2, “Suicide Sprints,” they’re not called Cloak and Dagger. Olivia Holt plays Tandy Bowen, who will eventually become Dagger. And Aubrey Joseph is Tyrone Johnson, the man who will be Cloak. By the end of the premiere, “First Light,” Tandy has produced a light dagger, and Ty has wrapped himself in cloak-esque things. But neither are superheroes.

That aside, let’s call it what it is and use their superhero names. Here’s how it went down on screen, and on the page.

How Did Cloak And Dagger Get Their Powers In The Comics?

Though Ty and Tandy first debuted in 1982’s “Peter Parker, the Spectacular Spider-Man #64,” we didn’t find out their full origin until 1984’s “Cloak & Dagger #4.” They were teen runaways from different backgrounds: Ty was a street kid stealing to make a living; and Tandy was a model’s daughter who ran away from her negligent mother. Seeking shelter, they were taken in by a man working for Silvermane, leader of the Maggia (Marvel Comics’ equivalent of the Mafia).

They were injected with synthetic heroin which didn’t kill them (like other runaways who were being experimented on), and instead gave them powers. Ty found he could access the “Darkforce,” a power that caused him great hunger, but also allowed him to send criminals to a place called “The Darkforce Dimension.” Ty’s hunger was sated a bit by Tandy, who produced a glow and could create hard light daggers.

Later, Ty and Tandy learned they were Mutants (like the X-Men!), which is why they survived the experiments.

How Did Cloak And Dagger Get Their Powers On the TV Show?

A wee bit differently than in the comics! Tandy was in a car with her father, who was doing something mysterious with the definitely evil Roxxon Corporation. Ty was with his brother on a pier, after he had stolen a radio from a car and they were both being chased by dirty cops.

As all of this was happening, Roxxon’s platform in the middle of a lake exploded and collpased. Tandy’s Dad ran the car off the road and into the lake. Ty dived into the lake after his brother, who was shot. And both the kids were then hit by a Praxis wave of blue light from the collapsing platform. They rescued each other, and briefly exhibited light and dark powers… Then nothing, for years.

Now teenagers, they meet again and are blasted backwards in a cemetery when they briefly touch hands. As for their powers? Not totally clear. Ty can clearly teleport, though it seems like his power takes him where it wants him to go, versus being able to control it. Tandy can light up her hands, and create light daggers — though again, isn’t in control. And both seem to be able to access not memories, but more feelings: Tandy, positive feelings; and Ty, negative ones.

They’re a long way from being superheroes… But they’ll get there.

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