‘Legion’ Team Headed To The Big Screen With ‘Pale Blue Dot’

In news that I am Extremely Into(tm), the team from FX’s Legion (or at least some of them) is heading to the big screen with the new movie Pale Blue Dot.

As Hollywood reported yesterday by The Hollywood Reporter, Dan Stevens will join Natalie Portman, Jon Hamm and Zazie Beetz in the movie, which will be directed by Legion creator Noah Hawley.

The movie stars Portman as an astronaut who returns to Earth, and strikes up an affair with a fellow astronaut, played by Hamm. A third astronaut (lots of astronauts in this one, guys) who is being trained by Hamm, played by Beetz, will strike up an affair with him. Stevens plays Portman’s husband, who is not an astronaut, and is having an affair with nobody.

TBH they should just cut through the red tape and call this one The Astronaut Affair. I’m just saying, Pale Blue Dot is nice and evocative, but you gotta get butts in those seats, baby!

Anyway, though Portman is well known to genre fans through the Star Wars prequels, and Beetz is playing Domino in Deadpool 2, the most exciting news is for Legion fans. Stevens stars as David Haller on the show, which was created by Hawley. And Hamm is providing voiceover in Season 2 for some incredible sequences discussing some of the larger themes in the show. Ever wanted to hear Jon Hamm talk about the Hindu Milk Miracle? Then you’re in luck.

The movie is still a while off, so until then you can catch up on Legion (which you should do). Fingers crossed more of the team joins Hawley on the movie — including Jeff Russo, who provides the show’s incredible score.

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