‘Riverdale’: Which Kevin Keller ‘Ship Is Best?

Drew Ray Tanner as Fangs Fogarty and Casey Cott as Kevin Keller - Riverdale

What is the biggest, most important question when it comes to Riverdale Season 2? Is it the identity of the Black Hood? Is it when Season 2 will finally come to Netflix? Or is it who should date Kevin Keller (Casey Cott)?

Probably the last one. Yeah, definitely.

Particularly because A) Kevin is great, and B) he’s had a bad run with relationships so far. Kevin deserves happiness as much as your Bugheads, your Varchies, and of course Choni. So with that in mind, let’s break down the major ‘ships with Kevin, according to the Shipping Wiki, and rank them based on which should and will actually happen:

Kangs, a.k.a. Kevin Keller and Fangs Fogarty

Will It Happen? I’m gonna put this down at 99%. Season 2 has definitely been building them up as a couple, and it’s actually been teased that Kevin will find a little happiness by the end of the year. Hopefully Fangs doesn’t get bitten by a serpent or something.

Should It Happen? Sure! Other than saying “Hi, I’m Fangs,” we haven’t gotten a lot from him, but why not? Seems like a nice guy.

Joavin, a.k.a. Kevin Keller and Joaquin DeSantos

Will It Happen? Well it already did, in Season 1. But then Joaquin was tied to the murder of Jason Blossom, and left Riverdale forever. Except, see, this is a soap opera, and nobody leaves town forever unless they get cast on another show (and sometimes not even then). Joaquin will be back, and I’d venture a guess it’ll be just as Kevin is starting up a solid romance with someone else.

Should It Happen? Probably not. They had a few heated hook-ups, but Joaquin’s ties to the Serpents are too complicated. Also I’m a firm believer that once you break up, you stay broken up. I’M JUST SAYING.

Moovin, a.k.a. Kevin Keller and Moose Mason

Will It Happen? So for better or worse, Midge is dead, and that means Moose is once again free to do a little forest boning with Kevin. Given we saw the two featured in the conversion therapy film shown off at the Sisters of the Quiet Mercy (in what was most likely a fever dream Cheryl Blossom was having), it seems the staff of Riverdale certainly likes the two together.

Should It Happen? Nope. Moose is too much in denial, and having a bunch of sad sex after your girlfriend dies is probably not a great idea for a long-term future.

Kevarchie, a.k.a. Kevin Keller and Archie Andrews

Will It Happen? Oh boy, no. Archie would have sex with a lasagna if it looked at him funny, but I don’t think Archie will ever break out of the Betty/Veronica triangle.

Should It Happen? Probably not. Kevin has definitely commented on Archie’s hotness, but I don’t see any pairing with Archie turning out well. Except, of course, #Lasagnarchie.

Jevin, a.k.a. Kevin Keller and Jughead Jones

Will It Happen? Again, probably not. They’ve barely even talked to each other.

Should It Happen? Yes, actually. In the comics, Jughead is asexual. And while Bughead is strong and will be until the end of Season 2, I’d personally love to see Jughead explore his canonical sexuality more. That means making mistakes with characters like Kevin, before finally realizing his true self.

Revin, a.k.a. Kevin Keller and Reggie Mantle

Will It Happen? Dudes, it looks like Reggie Number 2 is going to die at Pop’s, so I’m not sure he’ll be hooking up with anyone, anytime soon.

Should It Happen? It would give Reggie something to do, so sure.

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