Is Chuck From ‘Riverdale’ Going To Hook Up With Veronica?

Camila Mendes as Veronica and Jordan Calloway as Chuck from Riverdale

Here’s a real sticky maple for you: is Chuck from Riverdale going to hook up with Veronica?

Now before you Varchie ‘shippers grab your torches and pitchforks, we’re by no means saying Veronica (Camila Mendes) and Archie (KJ Apa) should break up. But Chuck Clayton (Jordan Calloway) might throw at least a little bit of a wrench in the relationship.

Consider the clues… In this week’s musical episode, “Chapter Thirty-One: A Night To Remember,” the big event was *spoiler alert* Midge Klump dying. But a thread running throughout the episode was the redemption of Chuck.

If you remember last season, he was the Alpha Male athlete behind the Riverdale High “hot or not” style book that rated all the women in the school. Not only that, but he had a habit of giving them a sticky maple: a doctored Instagram pic that looked like maple syrup had gotten all over their faces. Which looked like… Well, you know. Not pancakes.

But in Season 2, Chuck has tried to be a good guy. He’s said he wants to be a good guy. And as we noted on our Riverdale podcast, Veronica told him he was a “perfect gentlemen” and out of bad dude jail.

That’s all fine and good, but why would Veronica, who is happily in a relationship with Archie, want to ruin that by getting with Chuck? Refinery29 has a nice rundown on the fan freakouts about this, but let’s look at the evidence.

Chuck From Riverdale Is Good

If we assume Chuck’s redemption arc is for real, then arguably he’s a better match for Veronica than Archie, who has been breaking bad all season. Jordan Calloway, who plays Chuck also seems like a nice dude. He’s appearing regularly on Black Lightning, and at least initially was the opposite of Season 1 Chuck.

Also? Veronica has been key in Chuck’s redemption, and as we’ve seen she likes a fixer-upper. There were also hints of future pairings in the musical: it’s no accident that Archie was with Betty (Lili Reinhart), while Veronica was with Chuck.

Could we have a Barchie moment before season’s end, driving Veronica into the waiting arms of a newly good Chuck?

Actually, Chuck From Riverdale Is Bad

Come on, nobody in the town of Riverdale is completely good. And it’s weird that Chuck was redeemed in the same episode as the Black Hood. If anything, after he swore vengeance on the gang last season that this might be part of some elaborate plot to ruin them. Maybe Chuck is the Black Hood???

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