Legion: Get Caught Up On Season 1 Before The Premiere

FX’s Legion is confusing. It’s a purposeful mindfudge (no cursing on this site, sorry fellas!) that’s visually inventive and unlike any other comics based show on TV. Heck, despite it being tied to the mutant X-Men, we’d hesitate to call it a superhero show at all!

Because it’s not, really… It’s an exploration of mental illness through the lens of David Haller (Dan Stevens), a mutant who happens to be the son of one Professor Charles Xavier, and may be the most powerful man alive.

He’s also one of the most damaged — and though he purged himself of the parasitic organism The Shadow King at the end of Season 1, he’s still got a lot to learn about himself, his place in the world, and just what the future holds for him.

Happily, FX recruited two experts on the show — David Haller, and David Haller — to recap Season 1 in a cute and helpful video you can watch above before the show returns tonight at 10/9c.

And if you’re still lost, no worries, we’ve got a Legion podcast for that! We recapped every episode of the first season, and provided a recap of our own with Inside Legion. You can subscribe on the platform of your choice below, and new episodes post right after the on-air episodes end!

Inside Legion
Inside Legion
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