Comic Book Club Live with Charles Soule and Henry Zebrowski!

Join us this tuesday for another funtastical night of COMIC BOOK CLUB LIVE at fontanas! This week we will be joined by comic writer Charles Soule who will be taking over Swamp Thing as well as Henry Zebrowski from the new live action Adult Swim series “Your Pretty Face is Going to Hell!”. As well as free comics, prizes and the week in geek!

Comic Book Club – Live!

Tuesday, May 21st – 7pm
Tickets: FREE! (21+)
105 Eldridge St.
[Btwn. Grand and Broome St.]




Come on down to the live show and be a part of the Podcast! And don’t forget, every week we have FREE COMICS as well as a chance to win a $25 gift card to MIDTOWN COMICS!

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One thought on “Comic Book Club Live with Charles Soule and Henry Zebrowski!

  1. Guys … I’m 26yrs old and have been a fan of the Adult Swim block since the launch night one. I have to honestly say “Your Pretty Face is Going to Hell!” is the funniest fucking show I’ve ever seen on this channel or late for that matter. It fits perfectly with the comedic tone of AS … please show those guys some love and let them know they are kicking ass withe show.
    BTW if you have a chance make sure you track down the episode where Gary breaks his leg while trying to track down a senator on a hike, but be warned you may lose bodily functions from laughter 🙂

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