Watch! Comic Book Club with Jon Benjamin and Charles Soule

On this week’s episode of our video show for The Nerdist Channel, we’ve got guests Jon Benjamin (Archer) and Charles Soule (Image Comics’s 27). Benjamin talks about the voice acting process on Archer, and his love for Marvel Comics’ Namor!

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9 thoughts on “Watch! Comic Book Club with Jon Benjamin and Charles Soule

  1. Was a bit disappointed with Jon Benjamin. I think I was secretly hoping Jon would do the interview as Archer Sterling. Disappointed you didn’t talk more about the Archer Series or randomly bring up any of the catch phrases from the show. Minor disappointments aside, it was an amusing episode. Shitty Wonder Twin Powers *activate* ROFLMAO!!! Looking forward to the next episode.

    *ps – review some controversial comics like Crossed from Avatar Press. Mabey also add a back issue bin review segment, where you review your favorite comics from 12+ years ago

  2. Yeah, as much as I want to, with voice actors you can’t sit there and demand they do voices for an hour, it’s just not good form… If we ever get the Futurama guys on though, all bets are off.

    And all good ideas! I’ll see what we can do.

  3. Man …. please tell me this wasnt your last video post onto the Nerdist Youtube channel …. I think it’s awsome to be able to watch your show highlights everyweek.
    Did yous guys get cancled or somethin?

    1. Yeah, sorry to be the bearer of bad tidings. We were in fact cancelled – they loved the show, and wanted to keep doing it, but the views weren’t there, sadly. We’re still doing the live show and podcast through Nerdist though, and talking about other stuff – so stay tuned!

      1. That’s awfull news for me and my friends. I just got them into it. Like all new thinga it needs advertisment and I think Chris could hav done a lil bit better in “pimpn yo shit”. Broadway Video was awsome best t have you guys ever considered someone like Boothman just setting up a simple HD camera facing you from his perspective two or three feet above his eye levwl and posting it here. I know at these a thousand people would appreciate it.

        PS: you guys are they fukin rad.

        1. Yeah, sorry to hear that – believe me, we’re bummed, too. And we’re working on some other stuff with the channel, so stay tuned! PS: You are also fukin rad.

          1. But…silver lining…it looks like we at least get our shows by Wednesday morning now…yipee!!!! Love the show please never ever stop. If I can swing the duckets I’ll just have to sponsor you guys myself. Find me a job in the area. I can do this. Friendship!

  4. Yup! As long as I’m not exhausted, I’ll be aiming to post the podcast same night as the show! As for sponsorship: give us $60,000. Thanks!

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