BILL HADER (Saturday Night Live) and KEVIN CONROY (The Voice of Batman) – Live on April 17th!

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Holy shinks, you guys: if you thought our guests couldn’t get bigger, you were DEAD WRONG. But first, here’s the video from our show with the guys from UGLY AMERICANS:

…And here’s info about this week’s show:

Comic Book Club – Live!
Tuesday, April 17th – 7:30pm
Tickets: FREE!
Pianos NYC
158 Ludlow Street
Between Stanton and Rivington

BILL HADER (Saturday Night Live)
KEVIN CONROY (Batman: The Animated Series)

Hey, here’s a video promo!


– The show is now totally FREE! And it starts a half hour earlier at 7:30PM!

– We are going to be giving away EVEN MORE COMICS! Everybody rides!

-The show will be taped by BROADWAY VIDEO and posted every WEDNESDAY on the NERDIST youtube channel. Go Subscribe!

-There is an awesome bar IN THE ROOM!

PLUS, free comics, and a $25 gift certificate to Midtown Comics! Holy cow!

And our podcast is part of THE NERDIST NETWORK now?? Check it out here:

AND The Videos of the Live Show every Wednesday at:

Come on down to the live show and be a part of the Podcast and Taping!

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