Krypton: Colin Salmon as Black Zero, Killian Coyle as Tak, Cameron Cuffe as Seg-El

‘Krypton’: Seg Gets Saved By A Surprising Source In This “Word Of Rao” Scene[/embed]

Seg-El (Cameron Cuffe) has a unique ability to get in serious trouble on SYFY’s Krypton. And on last week’s episode “The Word of Rao,” he got captured, interrogated and tortured by a new character, played by Colin Salmon. We’ve already speculated a bit about who Salmon is playing, but the scene below offers plenty of […]

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‘Krypton’: Brainiac Infects The Worst Person Possible In This Spoilery Scene From “Word Of Rao”[/embed]

If you think your whole planet blowing up is bad, wait until you see what happens when Brainiac attacks Krypton. Spoilers for the latest episode of SYFY’s Krypton, “The Word of Rao” past this point; but suffice to say that at the end of this last episode, things got way worse for the citizens of […]

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