Riverdale Season 6 Episode 13 “Chapter One Hundred And Eight: Ex-Libris”

Riverdale After Dark: “Ex-Libris”

Everyone in Riverdale deals with the most horrifying thing they can imagine: overdue library books, as we break down “Chapter One Hundred And Eight: Ex-Libris”. When Percival shuts down the Riverdale library, he comes after everyone’s checked out books, and collects collateral, leading to the whole gang confronting their traumas. From the return of some […]

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Riverdale In The Fog

Riverdale After Dark: “In The Fog”

Everyone in town is lost in the fog as we recap Riverdale “Chapter One Hundred And Seven: In The Fog” on the podcast. With a weather event keeping everyone inside, the couples finally have conversations about what’s been weighing on them with surprising results. Jughead and Tabitha deal with a time travel related secret. Cheryl […]

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