X-Men #35 Review: The End Of An Era

X-Men #35 review

Read our review of X-Men #35 from Marvel Comics, as the Krakoa era ends and the next iteration of the X-Men begins.

We reviewed the book on the Stack podcast. But in the interest of highlighting more about the title, here’s a summary of the conversation with our thoughts. And if you prefer the longer audio version, that’s below as well!

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X-Men #35 Review:

In the finale of the Krakoa era, the X-Men and company travel back to Krakoa — which reappears with the very progressive, and very settled mutants from the White Hot Room. Apocalypse doesn’t love this, though, and a fight ensues. And then we get a preview of what’s next with Professor X in prison, and the mutants scattered.

Kicking things off, Justin Tyler felt the focus on Apocalypse was “sort of strange,” though Alex Zalben added he thought it was teeing up the next miniseries, Heir of Apocalypse — as well as paying off of Apocalypse being a square peg in a round hole the whole Krakoa era.

A bigger issue Tyler had, though, is, “We didn’t really get into a lot of the underlying philosophies of Krakoa. It definitely felt like, we’re going to bring this back to more X-Men. Continuity, classic continuity. In this issue as well, not just shifting to it, it’s like no, this is going to be a fight from a villain that, you know, that is vaguely philosophical, but it’s mostly about he’s becoming a villain again.”

Zalben also felt conflicted about this issue. “I wish we could just have an ending and then move on to the next thing… And I understand I’m tilting at windmills here because that’s what comic books are… It’s very much all middle, rather than closure.”

The hosts then discussed the status quo of Professor X, who is in prison — but his mind is secretly free — with Tyler noting he was a little confused, while again Zalben dug down on liking this idea, but feeling like it’s teeing up the next thing rather than providing an ending.

On the more positive side — and perhaps contradictorily — the hosts did love the teeing up of the next era from Jed MacKay and Gail Simone, with a cute riff on “To Me, My X-Men.”

“I love the tonal differences here,” Tyler added.”

Wrapping up, the hosts praised the artwork throughout the issue, and expressed appreciation that Chris Claremont got to tell a story of Destiny, Mystique, Nightcrawler and Rogue in a family situation, something that is filled with “classic Claremont-isms” but was satisfying as a long time fan.

X-Men #35 Official Synopsis:

THE END OF AN ERA – UNCANNY X-MEN #700! All good things must come to an end, and as good of a thing as the Krakoan era has been for mutantkind…its time has come at last. The tragedy and triumph of FALL OF THE HOUSE OF X, the madness and mystery of RISE OF THE POWERS OF X…they have all come to their end and led to this moment that will change the future of mutantkind for years to come. Written and drawn by an all-star cast of writers and artists who have shaped the Krakoan Age, this is one milestone no X-Fan will want to miss! Also featuring a story of family by X-Men master Chris Claremont…and a glimpse of things to come!

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