Omega Level Mutants: The Complete List

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Back in X-Men ’97 Episode 5, “Remember It,” a massive Wild Sentinel Master Mold shouted one very ominous phrase: “Omega level threat detected!” But what is an Omega level threat? What makes someone an Omega Level Mutant? And who are the Omega Level Mutants in the comics?

In fact, Omega Level is something that was introduced relatively recently in the history of Marvel Comics, and X-Men comic books. Initially, the phrase used to describe a super-powerful mutant was “Alpha Level,” which was first introduced as part of the Operation: Zero Tolerance crossover in 1997’s X-Force #67. Eventually, though, it became more di rigueur to use “Omega Level,” as of 2001’s X-Men Forever #3.

So again, what are Omega Level Mutants? And who are they? Let’s break it all down for you.

What Is An Omega Level Mutant?

As mentioned, the term was first used in X-Men Forever #3, by a human FBI agent named Fred Duncan. Unlike, say, Bolivar Trask or Henry Gyrich, Duncan was an ally of the X-Men — though he maintained a list of Omega mutants, meaning the ultimate threats (ultimate being “last” in this case). However, Professor Xavier coopted the term and started using it to describe mutants of unlimited potential.

Even more recently, the term was defined further by writer Jonathan Hickman in 2019’s House of X #1. There, Hickman wrote that Omega Level mutants are, “a mutant whose dominant power is deemed to register—or reach—an undefinable upper limit of that power’s specific classification.” Basically what Xavier said about “unlimited potential,” but a little more flowery with the language.

What Are The Mutant Levels?

Magneto X-Men 97 Episode 9

There are four levels of mutant powers, as again established by Hickman in House of X: Epsilon, Beta, Alpha, and Omega.

Epsilon are mutant powers that are sort of just there… Think of a mutant that doesn’t have aggressive powers, or can’t really affect other people. Some mutants under this classification include Gailyn, Joseph Bailey, Beak, or Artie Maddicks.

Beta has powers that are generally considered useful, but don’t show that unlimited potential, or high-level of potential. This classification is arguable, but perhaps a good way to think about it is X-Men like Beast or Angel. Angel can fly, but that’s it. Beast’s powers are agility and strength; his real power is his mind, but that’s because he’s a smart guy, not because he’s a mutant.

Alpha level is the most common in the comics. These are mutants who can control their powers, and use them to their own, personal potential. Basically think of a mutant and most of the time, they’re Alpha level.

Omega level, meanwhile, is the top-tier, god-level mutant. We’ll break down who goes under that classification, but even this is fluid… Editor Tom Brevoort likes to use a term called “power creep” and that’s applicable here in terms of if a writer decides a mutant wants to be more powerful than ever before, that pushes them into the level of “Omega.” For example, Iceman was an Alpha Level until he started being able to reconstitute himself from his molecules and freeze most of a city. Then he became Omega.

So something that was once the elite tier has widened out to a much longer list.

Is There A Class 5 Mutant?

Only in the movies! You might have heard Professor Xavier (Patrick Stewart) refer to Jean Grey (Famke Janssen) as a “Class Five Mutant” in X-Men: The Last Stand. That’s something that only exists in the Fox movies, and not in the comics — or, it seems, in X-Men ’97.

Is Cyclops An Omega Level Mutant?

Cyclops is not an Omega Level Mutant. He’s an Alpha-level mutant, to the point that Apocalypse has referred to him as this in the comics. To be clear, this doesn’t mean he’s not powerful, it just means Cyclops has hit the upper limit of his powers… At least until some writer decides to up him further.

Is Magneto An Omega Level Mutant?

Yes, Magneto is Omega Level. Though the application of his powers is usually confined to locally controlling metal, as has been shown time and again if he pushes himself there’s no limit to what his magnetic powers can do. Take, for example, him EMP-ing the whole globe in X-Men ’97 Episode 8, “Tolerance Is Extinction, Part 1.”

Is Storm An Omega Level Mutant?

Storm, with her control of the weather, is also an Omega Level Mutant. Like Magneto, there’s no upper limit to her powers, it’s just how far she pushes them — and herself. Potentially she could change and/or control the weather on the entire planet at once if she wanted to.

What Level Mutant Is Wolverine?

Wolverine X-Men 97 Episode 8

Wolverine’s mutant level has never been clarified, but he’s most likely an Alpha. The reasoning here is perhaps a little complicated, but Logan’s actual mutant power is his healing factor… The claws, his sense of smell, etc are all just extra things thrown into the mix. For the most part, Wolverine has extremely strong healing, something he’ll need now that Magneto has ripped out his adamantium skeleton on X-Men ’97. And in the comics, we’ve seen him recover from dying, and even from being left a skeleton.

But those powers only impact him, not other people. If he was able to convey that level of healing factor to other characters then he might be upped to Omega Level classification. As is, he’s Alpha all the way.

Who Is The Most Powerful Mutant?

This is an impossible-to-answer question because the actual answer is “it depends on who is writing them.” But other than checking the power levels on the back of your Marvel Trading Cards, some possibilities include Jean Grey, Nate Grey (aka X-Man, aka Cable without the TO-virus), Legion (Professor X’s son), or Franklin Richards (the son of Reed Richards and Sue Storm).

Jean is a little iffy because a lot of her unimaginable power comes from her connection to the Phoenix, which is either a planet-destroyer or a large bird depending on what day of the week it is. Nate, Legion, and Franklin can all warp reality to different extents, though all have their limitations as well.

I saw one list of most powerful mutants put Onslaught at number one, but given he’s not actually a mutant so much as the brain-baby of Xavier and Magneto, juiced up with the power of Nate Gray and Franklin, I don’t think that counts. Sorry, list.

Point being, nobody is going to say “yes this is the strongest mutant, case closed,” because another writer will contradict that a few years later.

Who Are The Omega Level Mutants? The Complete List Of Omega Level Mutants:

Having combed through various lists of this type, here, in alphabetical order, is anyone who could be considered an Omega Level Mutant:

Franklin Richards, aka Powerhouse***
Hope Summers
Isca the Unbeaten
Jamie Braddock, aka Monarch
Jean Grey
Lacuta The Knower
Lodus Logos
Lycaon Two Wolves
Madelyne Pryor, aka the Goblin Queen
Matthew Malloy*
Mister M
Nameless, the Shape-Shifter Queen
Nate Grey, aka X-Man***
Orrdon, the Omega Rocket
Sobunar of the Depths
Tarn the Uncaring
The Witness
Quentin Quire
Uqesh the Bridge
Xilo the First Defender

*Cable was briefly upped to Omega status when his powers were unlocked by his clone, Stryfe, who also may or may not be Omega.

**Synch and Calderak are TBD, but there was speculation about them being Omega level in the comics

***There are several characters noted as — sigh — beyond Omega level. Which doesn’t make any sense, but whatever.

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