You Can Sleep At The ‘X-Men ’97’ Mansion, Thanks To Airbnb

Airbnb X-Men Mansion exterior

Has it been your lifelong dream to sleep at the X-Men’s Westchester mansion? If so, Airbnb is letting a select group of fans do that, in real life. And because it’s based on the new series X-Men ’97, it’s only $97 a night, per person.

The full-fledged mansion complete with Danger Room, Cerebro, and more is part of the brand’s latest Icon initiative. They previously built Shrek’s swamp and Barbie’s Malibu Dreamhouse. This time around, they’re launching the X-Mansion in upstate New York. They’ve also created the floating house from Up. The latter is actually suspended high in the air as if it was floating from balloons, in New Mexico.

Which is very nice for Pixar fans, but who cares, oh my god, they made a version of the X-Men’s mansion that looks like it was 2-D animated. That you can walk into. And sleep in.

Everything is tricked out in the mansion, based on various tours influencers have been posting (of course they got to sleep their first — you’ll probably have to scrub the selfie stick markings off the walls)… From a Sentinel head crashed in the driveway, to claw marks on the doorframes where Wolverine has slashed the place to ribbons. There are also multiple rooms to sleep in, including Jubilee’s bedroom which comes complete with a VHS player and video game cabinet.

There are also a few X-periences you can participate in while you stay there. You can train in the Danger Room with stunt coordinators, find out your mutant power thanks to Cerebro, create drinks (potions) in Beast’s lab, and you even get a diploma at the end for studying at Professor Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters. No word on whether you will be hated and feared for your genetics during the stay, but probably.

If you want to rent the place yourself, you’ve got to rent it from Jubilee, who is listed as the host (nobody tell the rest of the team). In order to have a chance to stay at the X-Mansion, first you need to download the app and set up a more aggressive bio featuring your travel likes and interests. You can then put in a request for an upcoming date for up to 8 people; at which point, those selected will get notified about whether they’ve joined the X-Men or not on May 25.

Just if you get it, don’t burn it to the ground, please.

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