Marvel Recalls Daredevil Issue, Something Is Killing The Children Adds Title, Abrams Adds Manga | Comic Book Club News For April 29, 2024

comic book club news april 29 2024

Marvel has recalled Daredevil #8 due to missing pages. A Something is Killing the Children spinoff is coming. Abrams is adding an English-language Manga imprint. All on Comic Book Club News for April 29, 2024.


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Episode Transcript:

Marvel recalls Daredevil.

Another Something is Killing The Children spinoff coming.

Abrams adds Manga imprint.

This is Comic Book Club News for April 29, 2024.

Marvel Recalls Daredevil #8 Due To Missing Pages:

Marvel has recalled the most recent issue of Daredevil, an oversized anniversary spectacular because the print edition was less oversized than expected. Specifically, all copies were missing 16 pages.

As reported by Popverse, Daredevil #8 was supposed to contain 88 pages, including the main story by Saladin Ahmed and Aaron Kuder, and several backup stories. However, all copies including those with variant covers were only 72 pages long. The issue did not impact digital versions of the issue.

In a statement from Marvel, the publisher said, “The missing 16 pages of Daredevil #8 do not affect the main series story by Saladin Ahmed, and keeps this primary story in continuity with Daredevil #7 and Daredevil #9.”

Oh good! The writers and artists with the missing 16 pages of their own stories must be very happy about that. Marvel has made the issue fully returnable by stores until the end of May, with a hopefully corrected reprint hitting on May 22.

House of Cutter One-Shot Coming From Something Is Killing The Children:

The world of Something is Killing the Children is expanding, again. As announced at this past weekend’s C2E2, a new spinoff titled House of Cutter is coming in December.

The news, once again reported by Popverse, comes from the Something is Killing the Children spotlight panel at the annual convention. There, writer James Tynion IV announced the special, which will focus on Cutter, the psychopathic monster hunter who left our hero Erica near death in the last arc of the main book.

Speaking of Erica, the currently running “Erica Slaughter: Year Zero” arc will continue in the main title for most of the year, and reveal how she got her teeth mask. The panel also touched on the planned “Silver” spinoff, which will focus on the intersection of monsters and pop culture.

And finally, Tynion teased that after the Year Zero arc, they’ll return to the main timeline with Erica in a “desperate, desperate place. When she goes back on the radar of the House of Slaughter, it’s going to be brutal.”

Sounds like something is killing the children, but someone is loving writing these books!

Abrams Adds English Language Manga Imprint:

Abrams ComicArt is adding a new English-language Manga imprint called Kana, Publishers Weekly reports. The books will be mostly translated from Japanese, though some will be translated from French.

The imprint is starting big, with plans to publish 40-60 titles per year, including single issues. The titles will also skew older, with a focus on horror and thrillers, and less on romance manga. The goal is also not to focus on trends, but instead publish higher-end manga that elevates and leads the art form.

There’s no word yet when Kana will launch, but they’re already four months behind on that 40-60 titles goal so get cracking!

For Comic Book Club News, I’m Alex Zalben. And I didn’t make this joke earlier but when I said Marvel recalls Daredevil it would have been pretty funny if they were like “oh right! Daredevil, I remember that.”

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