Geiger #1 Review: Radioactive

Geiger #1 review

Read our review of Geiger #1 from Image Comics, written by Geoff Johns with art by Gary Frank as the Ghost Machine title begins, again.

We reviewed the book on the Stack podcast. But in the interest of highlighting more about the title, here’s a summary of the conversation with our thoughts. And if you prefer the longer audio version, that’s below as well!

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Geiger #1 Review:

In this new series, we’re actually continuing the story of Geiger, a radioactive man who lost his family during the nuclear apocalypse, only to gain strange powers. Now, along with his faithful knight/squire, he’s searching for a cure, with villains on his tail at every turn.

“What I liked about this issue, is it moved the story forward,” said host Alex Zalben. However, both he and Pete LePage agreed that while you can jump in with this issue, despite the “this starts now” type text on the cover, “this issue does not exist on its own. It is very much picking up on the previous adventures of Geiger, the knight character who’s following him around, who really wants to team up and be a squire. It’s a little bit of a Don Quixote thing going on.”

Simplifying things, Zalben continued saying, “This is a post-apocalyptic tale about a radioactive dude. Gary Frank’s art is worth it alone… I do like how in moving forward, they’re turning this into a post-apocalyptic Western… There’s a little bit more focus here. So that’s nice. And I like the tease of a new adversary that we get at the end.”

“This does a great job as a first issue of setting things up,” LePage added. “Obviously, a little bit more backstory if you’ve been reading the other stuff, but you can still just pick this up as number one and get everything that’s happening. They do a good enough job of setting up the world and giving you stuff to get excited for. I love all the action, all the over-the-top ridiculousness, and done in such a good way.”

Geiger #1 Official Synopsis:

IT ALL STARTS HERE! The critically acclaimed team of storytellers GEOFF JOHNS and GARY FRANK (GEIGER: GROUND ZERO, Doomsday Clock) return to the nuclear wasteland of their bestselling GEIGER for an ALL-NEW ONGOING series starring the violent and unpredictable GLOWING MAN!

Leaving his home behind, Tariq Geiger now walks the radioactive roads of the former United States with his two-headed wolf Barney. But as his enemies doggedly pursue him, Geiger discovers salvation from the unlikeliest of foes. But what secrets does this potential ally hold that could help Geiger? And exactly how many people are after The Glowing Man… and why?

Don’t miss this vital, action-packed chapter in the shared universe of THE UNNAMED saga and the momentous Ghost Machine rollout!

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