Steve Ditko Named Disney Legend, Brian Posehn Launches Time Travel Comic For Image, Thanos Hunts For Infinity Stones In New Crossover | Comic Book Club News For March 21, 2024

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Steve Ditko has been named a Disney Legend. Brian Posehn and Joe Trohman are launching Rifters for Image Comics. Thanos is hunting for the Infinity Stones in a new crossover. All on Comic Book Club News for March 21, 2024.


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Episode Transcript:

Steve Ditko, Disney Legend?

Brian Posehn and Joe Trohman are Rifters.

Thanos once again on the hunt for Infinity Stones.

This is Comic Book Club News for March 21, 2024.

Steve Ditko Has Been Named A Disney Legend:

On August 11, as part of this year’s D23 convention, Disney will be inducting a new class of Disney Legends. And on that list are icons such as Frank Oz, John Williams, and Steve Ditko.

It’s the latter that drew a large part of the conversation online, at least in comic book circles, as Ditko — co-creator of Spider-Man, and creator of Doctor Strange, among many other characters — was named in a legal battle with Disney over the rights to his characters, and generally hated awards. In fact, he was once quoted as saying, “Awards bleed the artist and make us compete against each other. They are the most horrible things in the world.”

However, despite a lot of pushback and general bemused and or bitter laughter from the comic book internet on the award, Rob Salkowitz of Forbes reached out to one of Ditko’s heirs to get the real scoop.

Said Ditko’s nephew Mark: “What would my uncle think about this award? Anyone who really knew him would know the answer to that question without hesitation. Bluntly, he wouldn’t let it even ever-so-slightly break his stride or influence him in any way. He didn’t do what he did for awards, or status, or fame. He was motivated by his own passion to do what he loved, and he didn’t need anyone to tell him whether or not he accomplished it.”

So there you go, straight from the horse’s nephew’s mouth. You don’t have to defend Ditko from Disney, because he wouldn’t have cared. However, his heirs do, and the nephew added that, “This honor aligns with our desire to let others around the world know who Steve Ditko was, and the contributions that he gave to the Comic Industry.”

Brian Posehn And Joe Trohman Launch Rifters For Image Comics:

Comedian and former Deadpool writer Brian Posehn is teaming up with Fall Out Boy and The Holy Roller co-creator Joe Trohman, as well as artist Chris Johnson, for a time travel romp comic titled Rifters.

The series follows two bored, veteran cops who are tasked with the time travel beat. And of course, they get sucked into a twisty murder plot that forces them to get sort of serious about their job.

Said Posehn via press release: “Joe and I are having a blast with Rifters, we put time travel and police procedurals in a comedy blender, we had underwear on our head and we yelled ‘Dick Wolf’ three times. Our pal Chris Johnson is killing the art, hope you dig it!”

The series hits shops on June 12.

Thanos Hunts For Infinity Stones In Infinity Watch Crossover:

Thanos is once again on the hunt for Infinity Stones in Marvel Comics upcoming annual crossover, stretching over nine issues this summer. Only the twist is this time, the Infinity Stones are people. They’re people!

Titled “Infinity Watch,” the crossover will find Thanos tracking down the current holders of each Infinity Stone, super-powered beings granted abilities by the stones. Will Thanos rip the stones out of them? Probably!

The crossover is being orchestrated by writer Derek Landy, who said: “When you write for Marvel it’s all you can hope for to add your thread to the massive tapestry of stories that has been unfolding since 1961. To be asked, then, to spearhead this next chapter is a prospect beyond my paltry imagination. I get to work on characters I’ve never written before — Thanos! Hulk! — and drag them into the story beside the new generation of heroes like Ms. Marvel and Spider-Boy. Thankfully, there is absolutely no pressure because comic fans are a notoriously easy-going bunch who are prepared to forgive if—oh dear God.”

The crossover will kick off in Thanos Annual #1 on June 26, then in Amazing Spider-Man Annual on July 3, followed by Immortal Thor Annual #1, which will be written by Al Ewing. And then six more annuals, TBA. As Thanos always says: to infinity… and beyond!

For Comic Book Club News, I’m Alex Zalben. Oh sorry, I actually think Steve Ditko used to say that. My bad.

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