Wonder Woman #6 Review: Breaking Diana

Wonder Woman #6 review

Read our review of Wonder Woman #6 from DC Comics, written by Tom King with art by Daniel Sampere and Belén Ortega.

We reviewed the book on the Stack podcast. But in the interest of highlighting more about the title, here’s a summary of the conversation with our thoughts. And if you prefer the longer audio version, that’s below as well!

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Wonder Woman #6 Review:

In this issue, Diana faces a team of her most powerful enemies… And loses. Plus, the Supersons try hard to get Trinity to go to sleep.

“This is great,” started host Alex Zalben. “I was a bit iffy about the series. I was on board as of the last issue. I’m even more on board with this issue. The action scenes are killer, there’s great, actual dread in this story… Such a build, so much tension going on here. And I laughed out loud multiple times at the backup story. This is a great, tight package.”

Justin Tyler also enjoyed it, though mused that when you see a Tom King book you expect a take, and he isn’t sure what the take is here. “I feel like the take is just: let’s smash some stuff. And I’m surprised by this… I expect there to be another idea here. And it may be there just isn’t. We’re getting a lot of anticipation building towards something, and we’ll get to that I’m sure soon.”

Riffing off that, Zalben said, “I think the difference is a lot of [King’s] takes are about breaking down characters. And he’s now moved into a building up phase that’s happening over in Penguin, that’s happening in Wonder Woman, as well. Where rather than being like, these icons are wonderful. How do we make them more human? Wonder Woman, he’s very specifically like, she’s unstoppable. And even in this issue where she gets the crap beaten out of her for multiple pages, it ends with the Sovereign’s narration telling us ‘no, this was the biggest mistake I possibly could have made. I really screwed up here at this moment, when it seemed like she lost.’

“And I think that’s really what this is about is, [King] came into this with the idea of Wonder Woman, for whatever reason, has been seen as a tertiary character to Batman and Superman. Let’s make sure she is on that level. And she’s the one character you can’t have a Mary Sue straw man argument about because she backs it up for decades of history at this point. So to throw her in a direction where it’s like, she’s got the plan. She knows what she’s doing. She is clear on herself and what her mission is at all points. This isn’t about her growth. It’s about how she triumphs over these villains and pushes through, no matter what.”

And more simply, Pete LePage thought the fight in the issue was “epic,” loved the coloring, and called it a “glorious issue.”

Wonder Woman #6 Official Synopsis:

HER GREATEST FOES RETURN! Wonder Woman against her greatest foes! After thwarting each threat that the Sovereign has thrown at her, he decides to bring in the biggest guns the DCU has to offer. Let the battle royale begin! Plus, the Super Sons’ bedtime story goes wrong!

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