Titans: Beast World #3 Review: Against The Waller

Titans: Beast World # review

Read our review of Titans: Beast World #3 from DC Comics, written by Tom Taylor with art by Lucas Meyer as Batman goes beast mode.

We reviewed the book on the Stack podcast. But in the interest of highlighting more about the title, here’s a summary of the conversation with our thoughts. And if you prefer the longer audio version, that’s below as well!

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Titans: Beast World #3 Review:

In the latest issue, as the world is laid siege to by beast-men (and beast-women), Nightwing tries to save Batman and Amanda Waller makes some big moves.

“Lucas Meyers’s art is absolutely fantastic,” said host Pete LePage, shouting out his take on the lion-headed Black Adam, and Power Girl’s flaming creature in particular. “This is just fun s**t.”

Justin Tyler called the general premise “scary and gross,” but felt the “story is a little bit all over the place… I want it to be more of a condensed story… It feels like you have to pay attention to so many different things to get the crux, when I want just a lot of beast fights, and a lot of people transforming all the time.”

Continuing on that bent, Alex Zalben noted that this has the pace of a 12-issue event, packed into half that time. “Clearly DC is telling some sort of uber-story with Amanda Waller that is stretching over multiple events,” Zalben said, on the note that perhaps this is just a mid-point in a larger plot being laid out. “I don’t know that I’m sold on Amanda Waller being the big bad of the DC Universe,” Zalben added.

“She’s a little overexposed,” Tyler agreed. “We have a lot of her in the back couple of pages of a ton of different comics.”

LePage was conflicted because while he doesn’t love Amanda Waller as a character, he does love Viola Davis’s performance as the character — and understood why DC might want to push her to the forefront. And wrapping up on this bent, Zalben speculated that with Waller, there’s perhaps a twist to come — that this isn’t really the Amanda Waller from the main DC Universe, but someone else.

Titans: Beast World #3 Official Synopsis:

CAN AMANDA WALLER BRING ORDER TO A WORLD GONE WILD? The world has gone wild, and Amanda Waller is the only one who can bring order! The mastermind behind the Suicide Squad has now been given frightening authority to deal with the threat at large. She knows what is needed to end this, but will her brutal methods put her on a collision course with the Titans?

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