Predator Vs. Wolverine #4 Review: The Best There Is

Predator vs. Wolverine #4 review

Read our review of Predator Vs. Wolverine #4 from Marvel Comics, written by Benjamin Percy with art by Gavin Guidry, Ken Lashley, and Kei Zama.

We reviewed the book on the Stack podcast. But in the interest of highlighting more about the title, here’s a summary of the conversation with our thoughts. And if you prefer the longer audio version, that’s below as well!

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Predator Vs. Wolverine #4 Review:

After four issues, the time-jumping fight between the Predator and Wolverine is over. Who wins? Who loses? You can probably figure that one out.

“Have mercy Ben Percy,” said host Justin Tyler, “because this is really good… [It] didn’t need to be as great as it was. I love the multiple time periods… When Wolverine’s fighting the Predator, it’s just a really smart way to tell it so it’s not just a knock-down drag-out fight. We get to see so many different versions of it.”

Added Pete LePage, “I also liked [that] we got to see Wolverine learning the importance of playing with your team or using your team or including others with your problems because he was trying to protect them from this monster that has been following him for years and years.”

While LePage was impressed by the “epic battles” as well, “I was a little disappointed in how it ended… My mind built it up a little bit more. But I was very happy with the winner and the outcome, so hard to complain too much.”

Alex Zalben agreed on the ending, saying, “The final fight between the two of them was a little bit underplayed.” However, he added that the sequence that took place with the ’80s/’90s X-Men team, “I found that so stressful to read.” Specifically, while the rest of the issues followed trained killers, pitting a classic, Claremont-era X-Men team against the Predator was terrifying. “Great, great series.”

Predator Vs. Wolverine #4 Official Synopsis:

THE BEST THERE IS AT WHAT THEY DO! Who will take the final trophy? Will Wolverine’s adamantium skull join the bones of countless others? The Predator’s long hunt catches up to the present day as Wolverine sets his trap. But what hope does he have against an enemy who’s slaughtered prey across the universe?

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