Action Comics 2023 Annual Review: End Of An Era

Action Comics Annual 2023

Phillip Kennedy Johnson finishes his run on Action Comics with Action Comics 2023 Annual from DC Comics, with art by Max Raynor.

We reviewed the book on the Stack podcast. But in the interest of highlighting more about the title, here’s a summary of the conversation with our thoughts. And if you prefer the longer audio version, that’s below as well!

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Action Comics 2023 Annual Review:

Superman heads to Earth al-Ghul to rescue his daughter in this oversized issue, leading to some new status quos, an invasion of Earth, and the end of an era.

Host Justin Tyler kicked things off discussing how the issue really focused on “the family and the characters that [Johnson] created and added to the Super-family… I really wanted more of an issue to wrap up, like a final statement on it.” Tyler felt that this issue focused on “big action” which he “really liked, but it’s sad to me that this is his last story. I wanted something a little sentimental, something that really brings it together.”

While Pete LePage heard what Tyler was saying, he added “PKJ had an amazing run… It’s legendary. People will be talking about it for years.” He also enjoyed the action in the issue, as well as the overall focus on the family dynamic. “It didn’t feel like the last,” LePage added, “But still a great issue.”

Alex Zalben jumped in to note that Johnson has teased he may be returning to Superman at some point in the future, perhaps for the Superman-focused event that may be coming later in 2024. And while Zalben agreed on the emotional bent of the issue, “he brought a lot of the story beats that he set up back in the Warworld Saga to a close very neatly here… So really good stuff, and Max Raynor drew some great action sequences in particular, the invasion of Metropolis was very cool… Norah Stone aka Sister Shadow, good antagonist as well. I’m sure we will see her again.”

Action Comics 2023 Annual Official Synopsis:

THREE YEARS OF ACTION COMICS HAVE ALL LED TO THIS ISSUE! Norah Stone’s true form has been revealed, her gateway between worlds is opened, and the invasion of Earth has begun! As the Multiverse’s two most powerful families clash above Metropolis, which legacy will Otho-Ra choose? Will the followers of Blue Earth defend their treacherous leader, or their own home? It has all led to this! Three years of Action Comics storylines culminate in this pivotal, dramatic double-sized issue!

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