Marvel Preview: Wolverine #40

Wolverine #40 preview

Read a preview of Wolverine #40 from Marvel Comics, written by Benjamin Percy with art by Juan José Ryp as Logan teams up with Spider-Man.

Wolverine has been on a world tour, trying to shut down Orchis from reselling the X-Men’s stuff. And in the process, he’s been recruiting some of his old friends. This issue, he’s back in good old New York City, and knocking heads with the web-slinger.

Wolverine #40 Preview

Check out two pages and the cover from the December 20, 2023 publishing issue here:

Wolverine #40 Official Synopsis:

STARK SENTINELS GET SPIDER-SENSES TINGLING! LAST MUTANT STANDING – FINALE! LOGAN’s journey across the ORCHIS-controlled globe brings him to New York City – and a reunion with that great non-mutant super hero: SPIDER-MAN! But will the ol’ PARKER LUCK help WOLVERINE against the wrath of the STARK SENTINELS or put the fall in FALL OF X?!

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