IDW Preview: Star Trek: Picard’s Academy #3

Star Trek: Picard's Academy #3 preview header

Jean-Luc Picard is one of those characters who has always seemed old. Yet what IDW‘s Star Trek: Picard’s Academy #3, written by Sam Maggs with art by Ornella Greco presupposes is: what if he wasn’t?

In the newest issue, we’re continuing to follow the young, headstrong Picard as he learns to trust his crew and actually team up with other people. And naturally, the cover gets in a great reference to a Picard classic… The facepalm.

Check out the preview pages for the all-ages series below, and see if you’re… Engaged with the material. You get it.

Star Trek: Picard’s Academy #3 Preview

Check out six pages and the cover from the December 13, 2023 publishing issue here:

Star Trek: Picard’s Academy #3 Official Synopsis:

It’s practice day for the most important test of Cadet Picard’s Starfleet Academy career thus far! His first test in actual space… and he is not ready. He may as well be yelling into a black hole after being put into a group with all his least favorite colleagues… and Marty, the girl he kind of, sort of likes. No one’s listening to his commands, and he doesn’t know how on Earth he’s supposed to see eye-to-eye with Resh, his bully and competition for top of the class! Picard’s course is set for failure, and if he can’t figure out a way to change things soon… there goes his future.

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