Amazons Attack #2 Review: Team Girl Squad

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In Amazons Attack #2 from DC Comics, written by Josie Campbell with art by Vasco Georgiev, the team is on the run.

We reviewed the book on the Stack podcast. But in the interest of highlighting more about the title, here’s a summary of the conversation with our thoughts. And if you prefer the longer audio version, that’s below as well!

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Amazons Attack #2 Review:

Mary Marvel, Nubia, Yara Flores, and the other one are all on the run from the law after the events of Wonder Woman. But into their world enter multiple villains to make everything even more difficult.

“I continue to have an absolute blast reading this series,” said host Alex Zalben. “It feels like a natural continuation of the Mary Marvel series that Josie Campbell did previously. I’m having such fun with this… Frankly, this is more fun to me than Wonder Woman.”

While Justin Tyler didn’t go that far, he did agree the book is “very good. I love that Mary Marvel is at the center of this story along with the Wonder Woman characters. This is maybe the best ensemble action sequence of the week, the bulk of this issue.”

That said, given the issue’s relentless focus on action, he felt like the issue lost a little focus on what the overarching situation was, as well as the emotional lives of the characters. “I need a little bit more information to really get on board,” Tyler continued. “But man, what a great, really well-written and drawn action sequence.”

Pete LePage agreed with Tyler’s assessment, noting that “a lot goes down in this issue, [but] we still don’t really have all the pieces.”

Throwing out some speculation, we get confirmation here that Dr. Georgia Sivana, first introduced in The New Champions of Shazam series, is targeting Mary Marvel and the rest of the team. “I think what we’re building up to here is there is a team of villains similar to this team of heroes, who is targeting them in the same way that The Sovereign is targeting Wonder Woman over in the Wonder Woman title,” Zalben said. “So it’s not Amazons Attack. It’s Amazons attacked. I’m just having a good time. Also: sleepy bunny. There’s a sleepy bunny.”

Amazons Attack #2 Official Synopsis:

AMAZONS TAKE MANHATTAN! As rumors of the Amazons’ “true” nature spread far and wide, our heroes take Manhattan! Turns out the Big Apple isn’t the only apple to worry about as fruits from the Goddess of Discord enter the scene and poison the minds of men. Will our ragtag group of Amazons ever be able to find shelter from the cruel world that prays for their downfall?

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