DC Comics Preview: The Penguin #4

The Penguin #4 preview header

In The Penguin #4 from DC Comics, written by Tom King with art by Rafael De Latorre, the title character tracks down an old flame: Lisa St. Claire. And unless he’s putting on an act, this is the first time in the series we’ve actually seen ol’ Oswald Cobblepot nervous.

What is it about St. Claire that makes him this way? Perhaps that she’s a forgotten character from DC’s Young Love books from the 1960s? You can read the preview pages below, and speculate.

The Penguin #4 Preview

Check out five pages and the cover from the November 28, 2023 publishing issue here:

The Penguin #4 Official Synopsis:

TOM KING AND RAFAEL DE LA TORRE REDEFINE THE ICONIC VILLAIN! Oswald Cobblepot’s plan to return to Gotham City is about to be executed, but he’s going to need one last, key piece…and only a beautiful face from his past can provide it. Enter the femme fatale, Lisa St. Claire.

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