Marvel Preview: The Amazing Spider-Man: Gang War – First Strike #1

The Amazing Spider-Man: Gang War - First Strike #1 preview header

The next big Spider-Man event finally kicks off from Marvel Comics in The Amazing Spider-Man: Gang War – First Strike #1. Written by Zeb Wells with Cody Ziglar, and art by Joey Vazquez with Julian Shaw, you might think all the words were already taken by the title of the issue. But no!

In fact, in the preview pages below, there’s a lot more talking. First, the heads of New York’s crime family have to figure out who has been targeting them. Then, Peter Parker and Miles Morales have to hash out their relationship, given Peter ditched New York for six months, something that to be honest as a frequent Amazing Spider-Man reader I wasn’t aware had happened. Perhaps because Spider-Man is still in essentially every comic Marvel publishes?

Regardless, that’s what you’re getting in the pages below. And elsewhere in the week, Mayor Luke Cage also gets involved in the Gang War, so you can look forward to that, too.

The Amazing Spider-Man: Gang War – First Strike #1 Preview

Check out six pages and the cover from the November 29, 2023 publishing issue here:

The Amazing Spider-Man: Gang War – First Strike #1 Official Synopsis:

PRELUDE TO GANG WAR! The super-crime landscape of New York has been on edge. This issue, they jump over that edge. What incites the war?! Who hired Shotgun and took out Tombstone? What, if anything, can Spider-Man do about it? Everything you need to know before GANG WAR officially kicks off next month is HERE.

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