Marvel Preview: Uncanny Spider-Man #4

Uncanny Spider-Man #4 preview header

In Uncanny Spider-Man #4 from Marvel Comics, written by Si Spurrier with art by Lee Garbett, Spider-Man teams up with… Spider-Man?

Not-so-secretly, this is actually an X-Men series. That’s because Nightcrawler is in a Spider-Man suit to hide from Orchis, the X-Men’s main baddies. Check out the preview below as they take on a giant Iron Man Sentinel.

Uncanny Spider-Man #4 Preview

Check out four pages and the cover from the November 22, 2023 publishing issue here:

Uncanny Spider-Man #4 Official Synopsis:

SPIDER-MAN’S A MUTANT! Okay, not that Spider-Man, but we got your attention, eh? Orchis’ Stark Sentinels are wreaking havoc across Peter Parker’s home turf, and it’s not just mutants in the crosshairs now. But while Peter and Kurt thwip and bamf their way around the murderous machines, another set of eyes watches from the shadows. Secrets will be revealed in this penultimate issue!

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