DC Comics Preview: Blue Beetle #3

Blue Beetle #3 preview header

Jaime Reyes is back, and dealing with his evil opposite: the Blood Scarab. In this preview from DC ComicsBlue Beetle #3, written by Josh Trujillo with art by Adrián Gutiérrez, he’s on a mission to find out more about the new enemy.

Perfect for fans of the movie, or the original series, this new iteration of Blue Beetle is being released in both English and Spanish versions. To that end, check out the preview pages from both iterations, below.

Blue Beetle #3 Preview (English Version):

Check out five pages and the cover from the November 7, 2023 publishing issue here:

Avance de Blue Beetle #3 (Versión en español):

Consulte aquí las cinco páginas y la portada de la edición del 7 de noviembre de 2023.:

Blue Beetle #3 Official Synopsis:

EXPLORE THE SECRET HISTORY OF KHAJI DA! After the recent attack, Jaime turns to the one person he knows who can decipher the mystical runes left by the Blood Scarab: Traci 13! Can these exes work together and piece together the secret history of Khaji Da?!

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