DC Comics Preview: Shazam! #5

Shazam! #5 preview header

Billy Batson is floating in space when Shazam! #5 opens up, and he dies, the end. Just kidding, Mary Marvel is there to save him in the new DC Comics issue from writer Mark Waid, and artist Dan Mora.

Though the book may be titled after Shazam, the hero is now called The Captain for contractual reasons. Mark Waid talked about it a little bit when we sat down with him at Baltimore Comic Con, so go listen to that podcast interview for more.

But back to the comic, for the past four issues, Billy has been manipulated by the gods who gave him his powers. Will he finally be able to fight back with the help of Mary? We’ll have to check out the full issue to find out.

Shazam! #5 Preview

Check out five pages and the cover from the November 7, 2023 publishing issue here:

Shazam! #5 Official Synopsis:

BILLY VS. THE GODS! The Captain’s battle against the forces of the Moon Emperor may orbit the absurd…but it’s full of action that will leave you…Apollo? (You can create your own moon pun for the end there, kids.) Mary Marvel joins the fray, the Shazam Family faces the Gods, and a devastating betrayal awaits you in this issue!

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