DC Comics Preview: Batman #139

Batman #139 preview header

After the climactic events of The Gotham War, Batman is in worse shape than ever. Good thing he’s getting a relaxing vacation in DC Comics Batman #139!

Just kidding, things are worse than ever in the new issue from writer Chip Zdarsky and artist Jorge Jimenez. Now only is Batman dealing with the resurgence of the Batman of Zur-en-arrh, his more extreme personality… But The Joker is back. And that’s no laughing matter.

Check out the preview below for a little tease of what’s to come in the latest arc, “Mind Bomb.”

Batman #139 Preview

Check out five pages and the cover from the November 7, 2023 publishing issue here:

Batman #139 Official Synopsis:

NEW STORY ARC BEGINS! BATMAN VS. THE JOKER, MORE BRUTAL THAN EVER! Following the cataclysmic events of “The Gotham War,” Batman finds himself completely isolated from his family, struggling to keep the rage of Zur in check. But he can’t stop, because he’s out there, haunting the city, taunting the Dark Knight: The Joker. And the new Batman is ready to stop him once and for all. “Mindbomb” begins!

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