Action Comics #1058 Review: Superman Gets A Sword

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In Action Comics #1058, we’re getting three stories in the world of Superman. First up, it’s Clark versus himself from Phillip Kennedy Johnson and Rafa Sandoval. Then, a story of Kong Kenan from Gene Luen Yang and Viktor Bogdanovic. And finally, one about Bibbo and the Superkids from Greg Hahn and Travis Mercer.

We reviewed the book on the Stack podcast. But in the interest of highlighting more about the title, here’s a summary of the conversation with our thoughts. And if you prefer the longer audio version, that’s below as well!

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Action Comics #1058 Review:

Lots going on in this latest issue of Action Comics, particularly with the news that Phillip Kennedy Johnson will be leaving the title shortly. For host Alex Zalben, he felt it “almost puts a ticking clock on it in a certain way, makes every issue from PKJ a little more precious.”

Justin Tyler definitely agreed, and added that the threat of Blue Earth — an anti-alien organization — is very “tense” and “scary for Superman… That, I think, is hard to do in any Superman story.” Tyler also loved the backup story focusing on Bibbo Bibbowski, as a fan of the character from back in the Death of Superman days.

Pete LePage loved the “giant fight” in the issue, as well as the “touching moment in time with the kids” in the Bibbo backup. “This is the total package,” LePage said of the issue. “This is peak DC right now.”

Zalben agreed with both of the other hosts and also noted he was a fan of the Kong Kenan story, which reunites the writing and art team from New Super-Man. “Gene Luen Yang does a great job [with] the character… This is a fun twist on how he relates to the rest of the Superman family. So really like that as backup as well.”

Action Comics #1058 Official Synopsis:

SUPERMAN VERSUS CLARK KENT! When the mysterious young Norah Stone drains Superman’s strength and unleashes an impostor tyrant Superman on Metropolis in his place, a powerless Clark Kent is forced to face the monster alone. Who is Norah Stone? And can Clark protect his identity while fighting this impossible battle? Featuring Gene Luen Yang and Viktor Bogdanovic‘s return to the Super-Man of China!

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