Marvel Preview: Dark X-Men #3

Dark X-Men #3 preview header

Probably the weirdest team of X-Men ever, the Fall of X storyline continues in Dark X-Men #3 from Marvel. Written by Steve Foxe with art by Jonas Scharf, the team has so far lost Angel to Orchis, possibly zombified Havok, and generally been making a mess of things.

In this next issue, Gambit steps up and tries to set things right. But can this team of ne’er do wells, uh, do well? I guess you’ll have to see in the preview below.

Dark X-Men #3 Preview

Check out four pages and the cover from the October 25, 2023 publishing issue here:

Dark X-Men #3 Official Synopsis:

FEAR THE FALLEN! As Gambit tries to save his unruly half of the squad from a watery grave, Madelyne Pryor and Havok confront their nightmares on the other side of the world, leaving Carmen Cruz all alone…aside from the bloodthirsty beast stalking her in the shadows!

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