Rick Remender’s Giant Generator Inks Exclusives, Jeff Smith’s Proto-Bone Gets Collected, Alien Anthology Coming From Marvel | Comic Book Club News For October 18, 2023

comic book club news october 18 2023

Rick Remender‘s Giant Generator has announced a round of big exclusives. Jeff Smith‘s proto-Bone comic strip Thorn is getting collected. Marvel‘s Alien is getting a Black, White, and Blood anthology. This is Comic Book Club News for October 18, 2023.


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Episode Transcript:

Rick Remender’s Giant Generator inks exclusives.

Jeff Smith’s Proto-Bone hits Kickstarter.

Alien anthology coming from Marvel.

This is Comic Book Club News for October 18, 2023.

Rick Remender’s Giant Generator Inks Exclusives:

Begun, the exclusive wars have. After last week’s announcement that Geoff Johns’ collective Ghost Machine has snagged a ton of top-name creators exclusive to the Image Comics label, Rick Remender’s Giant Generator is following suit.

Specifically, Remender has signed a ton of name artists, who will be both collaborating with Remender, and writing and drawing their own titles. They include Daniel Acuña, André Lima Araújo, Paul Azaceta, Bengal, Roland Boschi, Max Fiumara, Mike Hawthorne, JG Jones, Francesco Mobili, Brett Parson, Yanick Paquette, and Greg Tocchini.

Said Remender via press release: “I’ve spent the last quarter century building creator-owned comic books and having Image give me the chance to take that knowledge to help other creators follow their bliss and do the same makes me incredibly happy. Working with this murderer’s row on the second wave of Giant Generator books has me reinvigorated, I wake up every morning eager to see what these incredible monsters have been up to. As we’ve proven over the years, we make outstanding comics because we only work with top creators, each given the time and support to do the best work of their careers, work they own, work that lives on for years and years in premiere formats. We focus on the creation of new, wholly original, evergreen reads that stand out from the whirlwind of monthly comics and have proven to stand the test of time.”

The next titles out of Giant Generator include Grommets by Rick Remender, Brian Posehn, and Brett Parson, Napalm Lullaby by Rick Remender and Bengal, and Dust to Dust by JG Jones and Phil Bram. Presumably, there’s a lot more to come.

Jeff Smith’s Proto-Bone Strip Thorn Hits Kickstarter:

Before Jeff Smith created Bone, one of the best-selling comic books of all time, he created Thorn. And now, for the first time, Thorn is being collected in one volume.

The news was officially announced by Smith on X, the platform formerly known as Twitter. This is good news on two fronts because last we heard Smith was too sick to attend several conventions. “Hey everyone! I’m home and getting back to work,” Smith said. “I’m officially drawing and everything! Meanwhile, next week we are launching a new Kickstarter campaign visit the link below for updates!”

Though the page isn’t live yet, the Kickstarter teases the complete collection of all Thorn strips from Smith’s college years, 1982-1986. The strip, which was a direct precursor to Bone, originally ran in Smith’s college newspaper, The Lantern, while he attended Ohio State University. Some of the strips have previously been collected in Thorn: Tales from The Lantern, and Before Bone. But never all of them.

The Kickstarter is expected to officially launch this month, with the print edition hitting backer mailboxes in 2024.

Alien Anthology Coming From Marvel:

Marvel’s Alien comics are getting the Black, White, and Blood treatment… With a twist. The format, which presents comics in black and white with splashes of red will expand its color palette with Alien. Specifically, the upcoming miniseries will also include green. At which point why not just include the rest of the colors as well, but I digress.

Spinning out of the semi-ongoing Alien books, the new series will run four issues and include short tales of horror featuring the Xenomorph. Collin Kelly and Jackson Lanzing will tell a four-part story about a perfect society ruined by their fear of the aliens. Ryan Cady will write about a young girl guided by her AI after an alien attack. And Stephanie Phillips will deliver a tale about wealthy hunters trying to track down the aliens for fun, which should definitely go smoothly.

The first issue will hit February 7, 2024, with a cover by Ryan Stegman.

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