The Invincible Iron Man #11 Preview

The Invincible Iron Man #11 (2022) cover header preview

The honeymoon is over! Tony Stark and Emma Frost have formed a marriage of convenience to fight against their twin enemies, Feilong and Orchis. And in The Invincible Iron Man #11 from Marvel, they’re using their honeymoon as a front to launch a counter-attack against the bad guys.

It’s been a pretty surprising run for Gerry Duggan and Juan Frigeri so far as Iron Man has been an integral part of the Fall of X storyline. And your faithful Comic Book Club reviewers have been having a blast with the surprisingly rom-com pairing of Iron Man and The White Queen. Check out the preview for next week’s (October 18) issue below and see if the romance continues.

The Invincible Iron Man #11 (2022) Preview:

Check out the first five interior pages of the new issue, including the title page, and the cover:

The Invincible Iron Man #11 (2022) Official Synopsis:

MEET THE NEW HELLFIRE CLUB! Iron Man and Emma Frost begin their whirlwind honeymoon… …and their takeover of the Hellfire Club!

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