Star Wars: Dark Droids #3 Preview

Star Wars: Dark Droids #3 preview header

C-3P0 versus Darth Vader? It’s all going down in Star Wars: Dark Droids #3 from Marvel. A scourge has come from the galaxy in the form of a sentient virus that consumes droids. But the metal bodies aren’t enough for it, it wants flesh, too. Unfortunately (for the scourge), it can’t inhabit flesh without destroying it. So what’s a virus to do? Find the perfect synthesis of man and machine: Darth Vader himself.

The issue is written by Charles Soule, with pencils by Luke Ross and a cover by Leinil Francis Yu.

Star Wars: Dark Droids #3 Preview:

Check out the first seven pages of Marvel‘s new issue (including the title page, and cover) here:

Star Wars: Dark Droids #3 Official Synopsis:

THE SCOURGE DESCENDS ON MUSTAFAR! – A DARK DROIDS TIE-IN! For the evil intelligence taking over droids across the galaxy, there is no greater prize than THE FORCE. And who better to steal it from than a being who is more machine than man… …DARTH VADER!

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