Creed: The Next Round #4 Review: Michael B. Jordan’s Hit Spinoff Concludes

creed: the next round #4 review

Michael B. Jordan‘s boxing comic wraps up in Creed: The Next Round #4 from BOOM! Studios. But is it knockout, or a swing and a miss, which is a baseball term?

We reviewed the book on the Stack podcast. But in the interest of highlighting more about the title, here’s a summary of the conversation with our thoughts. And if you prefer the longer audio version, that’s below as well!

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Creed: The Next Round #4 Review:

The Next Round is adapted under the creative direction of Michael B. Jordan. It’s written by Latoya Morgan and Jai Jamison, with art by Paris Alleyne, Lea Caballero, and Wilton Santos. More importantly, it mixes a showdown between the daughter of Jordan’s Creed and her arch-rival. And since it takes place in the far future, it has some robot boxing, too.

Host Pete LePage loved this extension of the Creed universe, calling out how Amara, the main character, channels “the struggle with the Creed name, but then also with her skills.” He also lauded the book’s use of sign language, and added, “I’m having a blast with this.”

Justin Tyler agreed, though was surprised about the plot of the series. “It’s so strange that it was built around a plot of a business disagreement,” Tyler said, adding that it’s also, “About robot fighters.” While he owned up to not being the biggest fan of the Creed movies, “this really [won] me in over the course of the four issues.”

On the robot fighters, Alex Zalben noted that what comes through in the book is Michael B. Jordan’s love of anime, which was also apparent in Creed III. He jokingly suggested that in Creed: The Next Round 2, everyone will be in mech suits, and, “it’s a whole Voltron-style thing.”

Creed: The Next Round #4 Official Synopsis:

In the FINAL ISSUE of the hit comics adaptation under the Creative Direction of Star and Director Michael B. Jordan and Outlier Society, Amara prepares for the showdown of a generation, aided by family and coaching that only the ring can bring. But winning the war in the ring can only go so far, while the war in the boardroom remains…

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