The Devil That Wears My Face #1 Review: Face/Off Meets The Exorcist

The Devil That Wears My Face #1 review

Face/Off meets The Exorcist in David Pepose and Alex Cormack‘s new book The Devil That Wears My Face #1. The book comes from Mad Cave Studios, but will it peel your face off with horror?

We reviewed the book on the Stack podcast. But in the interest of highlighting more about the title, here’s a summary of the conversation with our thoughts. And if you prefer the longer audio version, that’s below as well!

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The Devil That Wears My Face #1 Review:

When Comic Book Club sat down with writer David Pepose to discuss this book (among other things) at Baltimore Comic Con, it stopped a passerby in his tracks. That pitch? Face/Off meets The Exorcist. And happily, Pepose and company pay that off nicely in the first issue of the new series.

Host Alex Zalben did warn readers in this week’s review that this pitch, “is something that we don’t exactly get until the end of the issue but… It works.” He also noted that he’s usually hesitant about books set in the 1600s or 1700s because they often feel stiff, in the action and dialogue. But here, Pepose is “leaning into action movie tropes.” Zalben added that it’s the sort of book that could “sit right on a shelf next to” the recent Russell Crowe movie The Pope’s Exorcist (complimentary).

Justin Tyler agreed, saying, “This book is fun. It works through that premise and establishes it… in a way that doesn’t feel like schlocky or gimmicky. It really sneaks up on it.” He also said that the art is “cool, scary, and very fun.”

The Devil That Wears My Face #1 Official Synopsis:

The year is 1740, and the Vatican is in turmoil. Grappling with a profound crisis of faith, outcast exorcist Father Franco Vieri is dispatched on a mission of grave importance — to rescue a Spanish nobleman from the clutches of the sadistic demon known as Legion. But when the exorcism goes tragically wrong, Vieri finds himself trapped in a stranger’s body… and learns what horrors lie ahead when the Devil wears his face. Equal parts Face/Off and The Exorcist, Ringo Award-winning writer David Pepose (Moon Knight: City of the Dead, Savage Avengers) and Bram Stoker Award-nominated artist Alex Cormack (Sea of Sorrows, The Crimson Cage) conjure a harrowing tale of terror, action, and body-swap intrigue that will leave comic readers at the edge of their seats.

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